Porting Offer May-July 2014

  1. The following terms and conditions of Prepay 2014 Offer (the “Offer”) are in addition to and form part of the terms and conditions of Three 's mobile telecommunications service and the Prepay terms available on www.three.ie In the event of any conflict the terms and conditions below shall prevail.
  1. The Offer  is available to new customers purchasing an eligible handset(“Eligible Handset”) on Three PrePay in a Three store between 26th May and 31st July 2014 inclusive (“the Offer Dates”) and bringing their number to Three (“Eligible customers”).
  1. Eligible customers will receive a discount of between €10 and €30 off the RRP subject to these terms.
  1. Eligible Handsets are as follows;
  • Nokia 208
  • Alcatel S’Pop
  • Samsung Mini 2
  • Alcatel Idol Mini
  • Samsung Trend
  • Nokia Lumia 625
  1. This Offer is available via the telesales channel, online and in store.
  2. Three reserves the right to withdraw the Offer generally or from any particular Customer at any time and to vary or amend any element of this service at any time without further notice. These terms and conditions may be varied or amended by 3 for any valid commercial, technical or operational reason.
  3. Any Eligible Handsets with an RRP of €90 of less are subject to mandatory top up of €10 at point of purchase in store or through telesales channel.
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