Three Unlimited Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

The Three Unlimited Price Plan and Price Plan Rules are in addition to the General Terms for Services and any other terms provided to you. Please read the Price Plans and Price Plan Rules carefully. Please note that your agreement to the Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be provided in writing or recorded during a telephone or online sales process.

Price Plans

The details on pricing are as published below and on

Price Plan Name

Monthly Charge



Data (ROI and EU)

Additional Data per MB

Three Unlimited Calls and Texts




2 GB


The Price Plan is available on a 24 month Minimum Term contract. See for all other pricing details.

Price Plan Rules

  • Minimum Term (Please note):A Minimum Term applies. If you cancel a Three Unlimited Price Plan during the Minimum Term you will be required to pay Three the monthly charge which applies to your Price Plan multiplied by the number of months (including any part months) remaining on the Minimum Term.
  • A Minimum Term contract applies. Existing customers can only move to this Price Plan when the requirements on their current plan have been met.
  • Changing a Three Unlimited Price Plan: When you are on a Three Unlimited Price Plan, with a Minimum Term in excess of six months you can only change to another Three Price Plan with a lower monthly charge when you have completed half of your Minimum Term. After this period you can move to another Price Plan. Please note your Minimum Term contract will continue. You can change Price Plan a maximum of once per billing period and the change will take effect from your next bill cycle date.
  • Your unlimited Voice: Your unlimited voice minutes can be used for calls made in Ireland to Irish mobile or landline numbers, calls to non-geographic numbers (1800, 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076) and calls made in the EU to Irish or EU landline or mobile numbers. All other calls such as roaming outside the EU, international premium, directory enquiry and other call types are charged calls. See for charges including charges for calls in excess of your allowance.
  • Your unlimited Texts: Your unlimited texts can be used for texts sent in Ireland to Irish mobile numbers and to texts sent in the EU to Trish or EU mobile numbers.
  • All other texts such as roaming outside the EU, international, landline, premium, directory enquiry texts and all MMS are excluded. See for charges including charges for texts in excess of your allowance.
  • Your 2GB Inclusive Allowance for Internet is suitable for use while you are in the Republic of Ireland or EU only.
  • Inclusive Extra Allowance: The Three Unlimited Price Plan does not include any Extras allowance.
  • Internet Options: On Three Unlimited Price Plans you can choose to add more data to your Price Plan. A default charge will apply to your inclusive Price Plan data and additional charges will apply when you increase your data allowance. On Three Unlimited the maximum data allowance is 5GB. Charges apply. The details are available on
  • Please Note: Unused allowances will not be carried forward. Unless otherwise stated, call prices include VAT, are quoted per minute and charged in per minute increments.
  • Fair Use Policy: Three may apply restrictions to your use of Three services where your use of any unlimited features is considered by Three to be excessive or unreasonable. The fair use limits are as follows: 5,000 voice minutes and 5,000 text messages for a 30 day period or if you call more than 100 different phone numbers or text more than 200 different numbers in a 30 day period. Three may contact you to advise you that your use is above this fair use policy and request that you change how you use Three services. If you do not comply with a direction from Three to stop or change the nature of your Three service use, Three may suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Three services or terminate your access to the Three network.

Amendments to Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

The Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be varied or amended by Three for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason