HEAnet Broadband Offer 2013/2014 Academic Year.


Price Plans and Price Plan Rules


These HEAnet Broadband Price Plan rules are in addition to the General Terms for Three Services and any other terms provided as part of the authorisation process completed by you to approve registration and provision of Services. Your agreement may be provided in-store, on campus, or recorded during a telephone or online sales process.

Please read the Price Plans and Price Plan Rules carefully. By accessing or using Three Services you agree to be bound by the terms of the Price Plan and Price Plan Rules chosen by you. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms of the Price Plan and Price Plan Rules please do not access or use the Three Services as your access and use will indicate to us that you agree to the terms stated below.

Price Plans

The details on pricing the HEAnet Broadband Price Plan are as published on www.three.ie.

Price Plan Rules

Eligibility: To be eligible for the HEAnet Broadband Price Plan you must

  • be a full or part time student (undergraduate, post graduate and research student) in a HEAnet client institution, or,
  • a full or part time staff member in a HEAnet clients institution, and
  • be over 18 years of age.

The HEAnet client institutions are published on www.three.ie. All eligible customers must show student or staff ID for the 2013/2014 academic year. Connections to Price Plans are limited to one per eligible customer only and you cannot switch between HEAnet Broadband Price Plans. Existing Three Broadband customers must complete their existing contract term to avail of the HEAnet Price Plan.

Minimum Term commitment (Please note): A 6, 9 or12month Minimum Term.If the HEAnet Broadband Price Plan is cancelledduring the Minimum Term you will be required to pay Three the monthly charge which applies to your Price Plan multiplied by the number of months (including any part months) left on the minimum term.

Billing: Paperless billing is the default billing option and direct debit is required.

Data Allowance: The inclusive data is for use on the Three network within ROI only and excludes all data usage while roaming. See three.ie for up to date details. All charges include VAT at applicable rates, unless otherwise stated.

Each Bill Pay Mobile Broadband Price Plan has a data usage limit. The limit applies per monthly bill cycle and usage in excess of the limit is charged at additional rates as published on www.three.ie. Unused data will not be carried forward to the next bill cycle.

Minimum system requirements may apply. We will use reasonable efforts to make the Three Mobile Broadband Service available to you at all times but due to the nature of mobile technology it is not possible to provide you with a fault free service. Both quality and availability of the service are affected by a range of factors. To access the Mobile Broadband Service using the Equipment you will need to be in an area covered by the Three network. Up to date information on network coverage can be accessed via www.three.ie.

All data usage must be reasonable and fair. If, in the reasonable opinion of Three your usage is deemed excessive or unreasonable, then Three may contact you to advise you that your usage breaches the fair use policy and request that you alter your use of the Three services. If the excessive usage continues to exceed the threshold after we contact you and discuss your excessive use of the service, Three can (at its absolute discretion): (i) suspend, modify or restrict your use of the service or

(ii) terminate your access to the service.

Amendments to Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

The Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be varied or amended by Three for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason.

Effective Date: September 2013 (Amended March 2015)