Ultimate Flex Max SIM Only Customers January 2014 (“the Offer”) Terms & Conditions.

  1. These terms are in addition to and form part of the terms of the Three Services that are contained in the Small Print (provided with your SIM card and also available at www.three.ie), the All you can eat Data terms on three.ie and the applicable Price Plan set out in the Price Guide (see www.three.ie/priceplans). In the event of any conflict, these Terms shall prevail. Capitalised terms in these Terms have the same meaning as used in the Glossary of Terms contained in the Small Print, unless specifically defined in these Terms.
  2. This Offer is only available to eligible customers who sign between 6th January 2014 and 31st March 2014 inclusive.
  3. New customers and existing customers who have completed their minimum term or existing SIM Only customers are eligible to avail of this offer
  4. The Ultimate Flex Max SIM Only price plan is subject to a minimum term of 30 days.
  5. Subject to these terms and conditions, your discounted monthly recurring charge will be €29.59 for the first three months from the date we connect you to Three services. This excludes any out of bundle usage. Existing customers who are permitted to move to Ultimate Flex MAX SIM Only will receive the discounted monthly recurring charge from the start of their next billing period.
  6. From month four onwards, your monthly recurring charge will be €39.75 which is the standard monthly recurring charge for this plan.
  7. Recurring direct debit payments are mandatory if you wish to be eligible for, and to continue to avail of this Offer
  8. Three SIM Only price plans are subject to contract, status, suitability assessment, and payment by direct debit. You may give us written notice that you wish to end your Three SIM Only contract or change price plan at any time, and this will be effective 30 days after we receive your notice.
  9. You will be required to pay the applicable monthly charge for your Three SIM Only price plan until the end of this 30 day period.
  10. If your handset is locked to your existing mobile network you are advised to call your existing provider to get an unlock code for your handset, before you can use your existing phone with your Three SIM Only service.
  11. Your Three SIM can only be used in 3G handsets. It is your responsibility to ensure the SIM is compatible with the handset intended for use. Your Three SIM will be disconnected if used in a 2G handset and you will still be charged for the contract.
  12. Each Flexi-unit equals 1 voice minute, or 2 text messages. Flexi unit voice calls apply to voice calls made within the Republic of Ireland to other standard Republic of Ireland mobiles and landlines. Flexi unit voice calls also apply to video calls made to other 3 Users within the Republic of Ireland. Flexi unit texts apply to texts made within Republic of Ireland to Republic of Ireland mobile numbers only. Premium rate numbers and other 'special numbers' such as directory enquiries and non-geographic numbers (see the Price Guide for details) are excluded from your Flexi-unit monthly allowance. Flexi unit data usage relates to usage within the 3's coverage area in the Republic of Ireland only.
  13. You may use up to 50% of your Flexi-unit voice minutes to make voice calls to the United Kingdom from the Republic of Ireland on a promotional basis available as part of your plan for the three months the discounted monthly recurring charge is available to you. Thereafter standard rates will apply.
  14. All other usage, i.e. (i) when calling from Republic of Ireland to outside of Republic of Ireland, or, (ii) making calls when outside Republic of Ireland (including calls to Republic of Ireland), or (iii), receiving calls when outside Republic of Ireland, are charged at out of allowance rates.
  15. You may use your Flexi-unit voice and video minutes to call home when you are roaming on other selected 3 networks abroad (3 Like Home) on a promotional basis available as part of your plan for the three months the discounted monthly recurring charge is available to you. Thereafter standard rates will apply.
  16. (see the Price Guide for examples).
  17. Unused Flexi-units within the Bill Pay price plans and unused Add-ons etc do not carry over from month to month. After your monthly allowance is used up, prices for additional use are shown in our service prices table (see the Price Guide for details)
  18. All calls within Republic of Ireland are charged per second, unless otherwise stated.
  19. Free 3 to 3 usage applies within the Republic of Ireland only, and where under your Price Plan, 3 to 3 is uncapped, it is subject to fair usage policy of 3000 minutes per month.
  20. This Offer cannot be used with any other Three offer, promotion or affinity.
  21. Three reserves the right to withdraw the Offer generally or from any particular Customer at any time and to vary or amend any element of this service at any time without further notice. These terms and conditions may be varied or amended by Three for any valid commercial, technical or operational reason.
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