This leading construction firm relies on Three for international communications that have paved the way for growth.


Case Study


Roadbridge is one of Ireland’s foremost civil engineering companies, delivering large-scale projects in areas like road infrastructure, water treatment, industrial facilities and the energy sector. It has close to 500 employees, with staff working across locations in Ireland, the UK and further afield.

In the past, Roadbridge struggled with controlling roaming charges and data plans in light of the amount of overseas travel and volatile data consumption.

Dean Butler joined Roadbridge as IT manager in 2016 and quickly identified problems with mobile billing. “Because we’re a construction company, mobiles are a mission-critical part of our business. However, with the increased use of smartphones, tablets and mobile computing, I could see immediately that our data plans needed addressing” he says.

Roadbridge had also recently implemented a Unified Communications (UC) solution. After a difficult rollout, it was apparent that the video-conferencing solution only worked well internally. “It was designed to work inter-office but as a construction company, we were dealing with external companies, often in other countries. It was frustrating for all concerned when video conferences were unreliable, especially when connecting with external organisations.” says Butler.


Roadbridge decided to use the opening of its new Glasgow office to test Three Ireland as a communications provider. After extensive discussions with Three’s corporate acquisition manager Joe Cullen, Roadbridge decided to go all in. It awarded Three the business of connecting the new Glasgow office with landlines and internet access, as well as the support and maintenance of existing landlines and internet in Limerick, London, Galway and Naas. Three also moved all Roadbridge employee mobiles onto its network and set up a cloud hosted Cisco Unified Communications (hosted PBX) solution for all offices.

Butler was impressed with Three’s professionalism in handling the process. “Joe was highly involved from the very beginning and even travelled over to Scotland to ensure a smooth transition. He quickly found a solution to any problem that arose during the migration.”


As a company that relies heavily on international telephony and mobility, predictable communications charges are important to Roadbridge. All staff mobiles are now on a single plan, which has provided predictable and simplified billing with reduced costs, while meeting the requirements of all users. Roadbridge’s finance team also enjoy the benefits of a modern, simple-to-use online portal to manage ordering and billing of all products.

Since the change to Three, Roadbridge has the latest Cisco Webex audio and video conferencing solutions available for all staff, which saves the business time and money on travel. The company is also benefitting from additional solutions from Three, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Internet of Things (IoT), 3Communicate bulk SMS service, and Managed Connectivity (WAN and LAN).

The nature of the construction business means that staff members are continuously moving from project to project. Managing this used to be a manual process, but it’s now automated with syncing between employee mobile charges and weekly timesheets. This has reduced errors and the time required by finance to cost these charges accurately on a weekly basis.

Three’s flexible and attentive customer service also stands out for Butler. “On numerous occasions we encountered a challenging or quirky problem and Three quickly came up with a solution for us.

They are always responsive in terms of support, creative when required, and candid about problems outside their control.” he says.

Another valuable benefit experienced is the saving of Butler’s time. Before moving to Three, he had to get personally involved in day-to-day tasks like new hardware installs, troubleshooting voice communication and new user setups. Now branch offices contact Three’s Support team directly for such matters. The process is simple and fast. “I save a huge amount of time by being able to delegate tasks like this. Three has freed up my time to focus on other matters. It got me out of the trenches, with respect to telecomms.” he says.

Roadbridge is planning for growth and technology is key to this, meaning flexible, reliable communications and top-quality service is essential. “Roadbridge is poised for expansion in the coming years and is now comfortable that we have a reliable partner in Three to support our progress,” says Butler.

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