The PR company with the right voice and data plan.



Case Study

As a company who sell PR to the blockchain industry, Wachsman needed the right mobile partner to help them at home and abroad.


“We’ve seen continual growth over the last number of years,” explains Greg O’ Donnell, Finance Director at Wachsman, with a head count that has more than doubled in the past two years.

As Wachsman grew, the level of service and care from their previous mobile provider failed to grow with them. “The management of the entire mobile setup wasn’t particularly good,” says Greg.

Coupled with this was an uptick in overseas travel. “Our travel has increased with the relaxing of Covid restrictions,” Greg continues. “We have quite a few conferences in the States.”

The team recently ran into roadblocks and outdated processes while trying to acquire data in the US. As a company who live and breathe technology, being without data is anything but good PR.

“We were facing some operational issues,” says Greg, “and we needed to do something to solve the problem.”


This is when Greg and Wachsman started looking at alternative mobile providers. What they found intrigued them. “Three offered better solutions than what we had,” he recalls.

Greg cites the hassle of switching as one of the barriers that prevented Wachsman from switching sooner. “It was more work. That’s why we hadn’t switched before.”

That said, the end result made taking that first step worth it.

“We had about 32 numbers to switch,” says Greg. “We were able to move ten straight away because they were out of contract. They were all delivered to us and it was all very straightforward.”

“Originally Wachsman weren’t going with all of the numbers,” says Anthony Keegan, SME Communications Consultant at Three. “They decided to go with them all in the end to make sure they were covered for all of the additional travel.”

Anthony, Wachsman’s direct point of contact at Three, helped find the right plan at the right pricepoint for Greg and the team.

The solution for each business will always depend on their own unique needs. For Wachsman, Greg and Anthony found that a mix of smartphones with good data plans and a range of SIM only plans was the ideal solution.


“Cost is important, but as important is the reliability of the service,” says Greg.

“I can get access to invoices and my account manager now, easier. That’s important,” says Greg.

The benefits of this play out in real time on our call, with Greg and Anthony having a quick chat about getting a new phone to a new starter later in the week.

Having that point of contact is a real benefit for Greg and the team, knowing someone at Three is dedicated to looking after them. Plus, it has practical advantages as well. “I don’t have time to be wasting on webchat,” says Greg.

“Having a relationship manager means that you can have more open conversations as well,” says Greg. “It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch. That’s really important. I need someone who can work with me.”

As Wachsman and the team continue to grow into the future, Three will be there to support Greg and the team at home, in the US, and wherever else they need to be.