Corrib Foods

Corrib Foods benefit from Three's connectivity solutions.


Case Study

Established in 1979, Corrib Foods is an Irish owned company with its head office based near Athenry and a Dublin depot in Ballycoolin.

Employing 95 people, its products include meat, fish, bakery and dairy. The company has a fleet of 40 refrigerated vehicles to ensure safe delivery of all its products.

Corrib Foods had a number of challenges with its business communications. Its location near Athenry was not conducive to good broadband access. The company required high and reliable bandwidth to facilitate data transfer back up of all its vital files each night from the Athenry HQ to the Ballycoolin depot.


Corrib Foods had made a number of efforts to solve its issues. It had implemented a fixed leased line from another provider. Reliability and service was poor. It had implemented a Wireless Leased Line from a second provider. Again, performance and support proved disappointing.

“As an SME I got the impression that we just weren’t that important to those providers,” comments Colm Lawless, Director, Corrib Foods. “I then turned to Three for advice as I had been more than happy with their level of service and support on our fixed and mobile contract.”

Following a review, the Three ICT Business team - 3Connected Solutions - recommended the implementation of a Managed Network Service with a Wireless Leased Line (WLL) service.

Through its acquisition of O2, Three has a long history and track record in delivering Wireless Leased Lines. Indeed, back in 2010 it was the first mobile operator in the country to launch a Wireless Leased Line service to business, with customers ranging from Arup to the Irish Coast Guard.


The Three WLL is an uncontended product, which means the customer benefits from the same speed for upload and download, i.e. a fully symmetrical connection. There is no outside sharing to hinder performance, no cap on speed and no download or upload limits.

Three’s WLL is available either as a 'Point to Point' line facilitating the transfer of data between two or more offices or as a Direct to Internet service via Three Ireland’s carrier grade network. Corrib Foods adopted both elements. Three installed a 20Mb Point to Point Wireless Leased Line at the HQ site in Athenry connected to a 20Mb WLL at Ballycoolin. In addition, it used the WLL to provide high quality internet access to Athenry through the Three carrier class network. The Three Wireless Leased Lines are dedicated to Corrib Foods. This means a private and secure service with uncontended access.

“A WLL provides reliability, performance and scalability, especially when compared to traditional contended ADSL links,” points out Brian Whelan, 3Connected Solutions Business Specialist.

“As soon as I met the 3Connected Solutions team, I knew this was the right move for me,” comments Colm Lawless of Corrib Foods. “The level of support and quality of the technology were just a different class to my former WLL provider. They came up with a comprehensive plan that was easy to understand, and they delivered all the way in implementing it.”

Corrib Foods now backs up its data each night with bandwidth to spare. Internet access at the Athenry HQ has improved beyond recognition. The company's team of 10 sales people on the road are benefiting too. “With our former system, emails were being delayed and clogging up because of the poor bandwidth,” comments Colm Lawless. “Now we have no issues.”

Having enterprise class internet access now opens up new productivity and customer service opportunities for the company. For example, Corrib Foods is now looking at implementing GPS for the delivery fleet. “High quality broadband is a pre-requisite for this and we now have it.”

Because of the importance of internet access to running a business today, Colm Lawless also appreciates the reassurance that the system is monitored and maintained 24x7 by Three’s award winning Technical Service Desk in Limerick.

“I’ve been on a productive journey of business communications consolidation with Three. I started with mobile, added landline and am now using them for data and internet.”

He now has a dedicated account manager and a single bill he can view through Three’s comprehensive bill analysis tool.

“The team from Three was in and out with no messing. In terms of technology, service and performance it was like chalk and cheese compared to our previous providers.”