Three drives Connolly Motor Group

To smarter connectivity, better customer service

Case Study

A family business since 1939, the Connolly Motor Group has kept up with the times by using the Three network to connect with customers and colleagues across the west of Ireland. It employs over 200 people on eight sites in Galway, Mayo and Sligo, making it the west’s largest motor group.

A heavy user of mobiles, the company has contracts with Three for over 60 users. It also uses the 3Communicate bulk text messaging service. Some of the company’s sales team work remotely, so their smartphones are effectively their offices. They use their devices to email staff and contact customers. Many give their direct mobile numbers to customers after a sale. “It’s essential to have that personal touch with the customer – and to know that you can get hold of key people in the business,” explains Eddie Nunez, the group’s IT manager. The dedicated nationwide customer delivery team also use mobiles for navigation and to contact customers to arrange vehicle deliveries.

Eddie works between branches and reliable connectivity means he and his colleagues can always be reached no matter where they are.

He adds: “for me, it’s just a matter of being able to click on the email app and send an email at a moment’s notice if I’m out of the office. If I didn’t have connectivity in terms of phone coverage or email – I would be blind. It’s a no brainer – it’s like electricity, it’s something you need.

The Connolly Motor Group marketing team also uses web-based SMS service 3Communicate to send targeted text messages to specific customer sets about special offers, vehicles launches and finance deals. “Our account manager Elaine McGowan told me about 3Communicate, we trialled it with the marketing team and they ran with it. It’s very straightforward and easy-to-use and the pricing is fantastic per text message. The marketing team finds it a great tool and they use it all the time.”

Eddie also praises Three’s customer service and responsiveness around mobile contract renewal.

“The offer with All You Can Eat Data and unlimited calling to mobiles was fantastic. It’s made a big impact on the monthly bill.”

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