29 November 2022

15 Tech Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love
4 Minutes BY The Three Team

Tech gifts are incredibly flexible. We love the concept of a “Connected Life” because we believe technology can make our daily lives slightly easier. So when it comes to gift ideas, tech is a perfect choice. It also offers a little something for everyone. Whether it’s a birthday present or something else, here are 15 of the best tech gift ideas we have to offer.


If you’re shopping for someone who is a big Apple fan, check and see if they have AirPods. If they don’t, you’ve stumbled onto to perfect tech gift idea for them. Apple’s AirPods are the top selling product in our online store. You can choose from the Apple AirPods Pro and, if you really like them, the Apple AirPods Max.

AirPods Case

If they already have AirPods, then we have good news. There’s another great gift idea for a fraction of the cost. Get them a cool and colourful case for their AirPods!

Some More Wireless Earbuds

When you’re shopping for someone who’s not quite so deep into the Apple eco-system, these earbuds from JLab are simply wonderful. They will, of course, work with all Android and Apple phones and tablets. Nice added bonus is that they’re IPX4 sweat and water resistant. A great tech gift idea for the active person in your life.

Polaroid Now – Instant Print Camera

It’s great being able to take a million and one pictures with our smartphones. But really creativity comes when you have limited shots to take. That’s the beauty of gifting a Polaroid Now. You’ve to really think about the photo you want to capture.

It’s also nice to have a physical print-out that isn’t sitting buried in Google Photos. You could make a case for the Polaroid Now being the ultimate techie gift despite Polaroid being around for such a long time!

A New Phone

Ok, so this is a bit obvious given our line of work! But who wouldn’t like a new phone, right? Naturally, you’re going to need a budget to suit but we have great phones across a wide range of prices. You can even get a great phone for less than €200.

We’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to picking a phone for pretty much anyone. Check that out if you think a new phone could make the perfect gift.

Smart Indoor Garden

Living in cities or small spaces can leave you craving the opportunity to grow some herbs. This smart garden from Véritable lets you do just that no matter where you are. The smart lighting system can even grow plants in a room without windows.

There’s a massive range of herbs and plants you can buy for the garden too. In just a few weeks, they’ll be having you over to have some pasta with fresh basil on top to say thanks.

Splitting Stereo Speaker

The idea tech gift idea for the party animal in your life. This Bluetooth speaker from HAMA can be split in too to spread the music over a greater distance. Perfect for the garden or having a party at home in two different rooms.

Desk Light with Wireless Charger

We work from home more. We study at home more. We use our phones more. All good reasons to make this desk light with a wireless phone charger a top tech gift idea.

Reusable Collapsible Eco Straw

Avoiding single-use plastics is a great way to help reduce waste. Unfortunately, the alternative is often plastic straws – which are far from idea.

If you’re shopping around for someone is eco-minded, grabbing them this reusable straw from Lund could save them from the hassle of soggy paper straws. It’s always in your bag or pocket, ready when you need it.

It’s not super techie, but it’s cool.

ION Record Player

There has been a massive resurgence in retro recently. In fact, many music shops are now seeing more vinyl and cassette tapes being sold over CDs. While music streaming is great, people like the collectible and tangible nature of music on a record.

If you know someone who just loves music, try this. Grab their favourite artist on vinyl and gift them an ION Record player. They’ll be able to start collecting their favourite albums and even convert them into digital files.

This particular record player also has built in speakers and lets you connect to an external Bluetooth speaker if you prefer.

Pet Gifts

Feel like your furry friend needs something nice this Christmas? We also stock a range of amazing pet products. Perfect for your own pet or someone else who has a pet.

You can grab a smart water dispenser or a food dispenser to keep pets looked after if you have to pop out. We even have cameras to keep an eye on your pets when in the office or away shopping for a few hours.

We also have some less techie gifts. We even have a colourful range of pet clothes to make pets feel like they’re on a “catwalk” (sorry). 

Ember Smart Coffee Cup

You’d be amazed how handy the Ember smart coffee cup is. This coffee cup sits on a charging saucer, ready to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature – even if you forget about it for a while!

It also has a built-in battery so you can bring your cup to a meeting, safe in the knowledge your tea or coffee will stay at the perfect temperature.

A great gift idea for proper coffee geeks.

Neon Sign

Maybe you’re decorating “the good room” at home or you’re a streamer looking for a cool back drop. Either way, neon signs are an awesome addition to most rooms. We have a wide range of Locomocean neon signs in a range of colours.

Great for a bit of self-gifting, but also make the perfect gift for that certain someone who likes a burst of colour.

Backbone One for iPhone

Mobile gaming is on the up and iPhone is one of the best phones on the market for it. Between Apple’s Bionic processor and Apple Arcade, gaming on iPhone has become really popular.

To make the experience even better, Backbone have developed a controller for gamers on the go. Paired with Three’s 5G network, offering relatively low ping for mobile, the Backbone One makes gaming on the go much easier.

We’ve also gathered our favourite gaming gift ideas into a handy guide you might find helpful.

Apple AirTags

Do you have a friend who always loses things? Or maybe it’s a family member that always loses the remote. Regardless of who, or the exact scenario, hopefully you get the idea of tracking tags.

Apple AirTags let you find lost items quickly. Apple has cleverly designed the Find My network that supports AirTags so anyone's iPhone in the world can find and report back on the location of your lost items. 

These are a great value gift idea for anyone with an iPhone. Even more so if you know they’re the “lost things” type of person![MM1]

But if they’re more of a music person or a gamer, we have lots more guides for them along with the ultimate guide to phones for everyone.


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