Flexible network options

Enjoy Ireland’s largest mobile telecommunications provider on your own terms. Shorter contracts, easy add-ons, ultimate flexibility!


Shorter sweeter plans

Want a shorter contract at a great price? Enjoy All You Can Eat 5G Data and more with our 12-month phone contracts or SIM Only plans. Get all of these benefits on a SIM Only 30-day contract too.

Switch as you wish

Never want to top up again? Switch from Three Prepay to Bill Pay and enjoy All You Can Eat Data and more, on a powerful new 5G phone. Want to keep your own device? Just switch to Three Bill Pay SIM Only.

Boost on the go

Choose from our wide range of add-ons to suit your needs. Boost as you want with more minutes, more texts, more international and roaming credits.

Perfect SIM for tourists

Traveling to Ireland? Or have family visiting? Our 28-day Irish SIM card keeps you connected on Ireland's fastest network. All You Can Eat 5G Data, calls, texts, and 19GB of EU roaming data for just €20.