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Information on the means ofaccess to Emergency Services (Emergency Means), Public Warning Systems (PWS) and Value Added Services (VAS) or Premium Rate Services has been compiled by BEREC* and is available at the links below:

*Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications

Usually your phone will look for the local network and will automatically connect when you switch on your phone or turn off flight mode. If you're unsure about roaming before you travel our messaging team can help you here.

If you want to use data abroad, make sure that mobile data roaming is switched on via your phone settings. Our handy device guide can help you here.

Your charge will depend on your price plan. Enter your Three mobile number and the country you're visiting above to see the charges.

There are two roaming caps that are automatically applied to all customer's accounts.

The first cap is set at a default value of €61.50 (incl. VAT).The second cap is set at a default value of €123 (incl. VAT).

You can change this at any time by contacting customer care on 1913 from Ireland, or +353833333333 from abroad.

As soon as you reach the data caps you willreceive an SMS to inform you. You will then have the option to text REMCAP to 50232 toremove the cap for that billing cycle. If you choose to remove both caps, you will thenbe charged for any further data roaming usage.

This means that Three Ireland do not have roaming agreements available in the country you are visiting.

A roaming day pass is activated as soon asyou make a data connection over the mobile network.

No. A roaming day pass must be activatedeach day by connecting to the data roaming network.

By using My3 online, the My3 App, or by callingCustomer Care at 1913, Prepay and Bill Pay customers can remove the roaming day pass.

A roaming day pass can be used for up to 24hours, but it renews automatically after 12am (Irish time) once a data connection is made.

€3.99 inc. VAT per day.

Once the 1GB of dataallowance has been used, a reduced out of bundle rate of €0.06 inc. VAT per MB applies.

Service in flight or at sea is not guaranteed, however, when available, you are roaming on a satellite network, and you may be exposed to high charges. When you connect with these networks, we will notify you of your rates to make a call, send an SMS or use data. You can also check your rates before travelling here, by choosing “Satellite (Maritime/In-Flight)” as the country you’re visiting. It’s important to know that if you are on a ship/flight within the EU region, this is not part of EU roaming regulation.