Three Tethering Add Ons

These Terms and Conditions set out the rules which apply to your use of Three Tethering Add Ons.

Please ensure that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully as use of aThree Tethering Add On constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions for Three Evolve Price plans, iPhone price plans or Three Business Smartphone price plans and the applicable, Three Broadband Terms and Conditions, the Acceptable Use Policy and any other terms appearing on your Customer Agreement, and which are available at Where there is any conflict these Terms and Conditions will prevail.


The Three Tethering Add On is available to new and existing Three bill pay customers who are using an iPhone 3G or above, and are connected to a Three Evolve Price Plan, an iPhone Price plan or to a business price plan for Smart phone customers.

Pricing Details

The following Add Ons are available to customers on eligible price plans:

Add On

€ per month

Additional Usage Charges for Add on customers

Three Tethering 1GB Add On

€ 12.71

2.03 per MB

Three Tethering 7.5GB Add On

€ 17.27

Three Tethering 15GB Add On

€ 20.32

  • If at any time you cancel the Add On this will take effect immediately.
  • The Add On excludes roaming and charges apply for data usage while roaming internationally including usage when roaming in the UK and Northern Ireland. Please refer to for details on roaming charges.
  • There is no carry over of unused monthly Data Allowances.
  • Unless otherwise stated all charges are inclusive of VAT.
  • The Three Tethering service is not available to Three Prepay customers.
  • To avoid unexpected data charges, it is recommended you purchase the Three Tethering Add On. It is important to note the price plan data charges that apply if you do not avail of a Three Tethering Add On.
    • If your price plan does not include any data then a €1.01 per MB charge (rated per MB) applies.
    • If your price plan has unlimited mobile internet browsing this cannot be used for tethering and a €1.01 per MB (rated per MB) charge applies.
    • If your price plan has 1GB of data included then an additional data usage charge of 2.03c per MB applies after the 1GB has been used. For further details check your price plan page on


To use the Add On you need to ensure your device has the appropriate software which is available for download from iTunes. Minimum system requirements will also apply and are available on the Apple Website.

The Three Tethering Add On is designed for accessing data using the Three 'openinternet' Access Point settings (APN). Only iPhones provided through Three will be configured to access this APN when tethering. If you alter your settings to access data via an APN other than the 'open internet' then price plan data charges, as outlined above, will apply.

It is recommended that you switch off the Internet Tethering option when you are not using your phone as a modem.

When using your phone in a Wi-Fi zone you should disable Internet Tethering to avoid usage of your Add on.

Please Note: The Three Tethering Add On is subject to network availability and broadband speeds may vary.

Three reserves the right to suspend or cease the one or all of the Three Tethering Add Ons and to amend and modify these terms and conditions (including prices) for any legitimate commercial, technical or operational reason.

Effective Date: 10th February 2010 (Amended March 2015)