Three Open Internet Options –Consumer Bill Pay

There are a range of Internet Options available on Three Open Price Plans. Three Open Price Plans have a default allowance for Internet usage included in the Price Plan. You have the option to choose how much Internet you need in your Price Plan and you can also share your internet with other non voice devices on your account on Open Basic, Basic Extra, Plus, and Complete Extra.

When you avail of an increased or shared internet allowance your existing (default) Price Plan data allowance is replaced on your Price Plan.

Increasing Monthly Internet Allowance:

If you are on Three Open 1000

Extra Price Plan you can increase your allowance to a maximum of 2GB per month. All Open plans have a minimum of 2GB data allowance. On Three Open Basic Extra you can increase your allowance to a maximum of 6GB per month. On Three Open + and + Extra you can increase to maximum of 10GB.There is no increase available on Three Complete Price Plans. There is no carry over of unused allowances to the next monthly billing period. Inclusive internet on Three Open is suitable for use while in the Republic of Ireland or EU only and excludes usage while roaming outside of the EU. See for charges.


Sharing Internet:

You can share your Internet allowance on your Three Open Basic, Basic Extra, +,+ Extra, Complete or Complete Extra Price Plan at no extra charge. You cannot share your allowance between two or more voice services. All services must be on the same account. If you cancel your Three Open Price Plan then you can use the SIM in your data device at the applicable data sharing rate (which includes the default price plan charge). Additional charges apply if you use your Mobile Broadband SIM card for other services. See for charges.




If a device purchase is required to avail of shared Internet on a Three Open Price Plan then a separate Minimum Term will apply. This 24 month Minimum Term is separate to your Three Open Minimum Term and if you cancel the service you will be required to pay the monthly internet sharing subscription charge which applies to the internet sharing option chosen by you, multiplied by the number of months (including any part months) that are left on the Minimum Term.



Amendments to Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

The Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be varied or amended by Three for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason.


Effective Date: June 2017