Three Plan – Consumer Bill Pay

Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

The Three Plan Price Plan and Price Plan Rules are in addition to the General Terms for Services and any other terms provided to you. Please read the Price Plans and Price Plan Rules carefully. Please note that your agreement to the Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be provided in writing or recorded during a telephone or online sales process.

Price Plans

Price Plan Name

18 Month Minimum Term plan

Mins (ROI and EU)

Text (ROI and EU)

Internet (ROI and EU)

Plan 250

€ 40.65**




Price Plan Rules

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel a Three Plan 18 month Price Plan during the Minimum Term you will be required to pay Three the monthly charge which applies to your Price Plan multiplied by the number of months (including any part months) left on the Minimum Term.

  • If you are an existing Three Bill Pay customer and you are moving Price Plan then the following applies:
    • The discounts and features available on your existing Price Plan will not be carried over to your Three Plan Price Plan.

    • You can change Price Plan a maximum of once per billing cycle and the change takes effect immediately.

  • Your Inclusive Allowance for Voice Minutes

    Your inclusive allowance for voice minutes can be used for calls made in Ireland to Irish mobile or landline numbers and calls made in the EU to Irish or EU landline or mobile numbers.
    All other calls such as roaming outside the EU, international, premium, directory enquiry and other call types such as 1890&1850 are charged calls. All calls are charged on a per minute basis.
    See charges.

    The Three Plan 250 Price Plan also includes free calls and texts to Three when both you as caller/sender and the recipient are in the Republic of Ireland. The Fair Use Policy outlined below applies.

  • Your Inclusive Allowance for Texts

    Your inclusive allowance for texts can be used for texts sent in Ireland to Irish mobile numbers and for texts sent in the EU to Irish or EU mobile numbers. All other texts such as roaming outside the EU, international, premium, directory enquiry texts and all MMS are excluded. See for charges.

  • Your Inclusive Allowance for Internet is suitable for use while you are in the Republic of Ireland or the EU only and excludes data usage while roaming outside the EU. See for charges. See below for additional Data Options on Three Plan Price Plans.
  • Unused Price Plan allowances will not be carried forward.
  • Additional Charges outside your allowances. Calls on Three Plan are charged at 34.56c per minute on Plan 250. Additional texts cost 17.28c on Plan 250; MMS are 24.6c and additional data (for default data options) costs 6.15c per MB on Three Plan 250
  • Unless otherwise stated, call prices include VAT, are quoted per minute and charged in one second increments.

Three Plan Internet Options

The Three Plan Internet Options form part of your Three Plan Price Plan and Price Plan Rules(as set out above) and are in addition to the General Terms for Services. Three Plan Price Plans have a default allowance for internet use included. You have the option to choose how much internet you need in your Price Plan and share your internet with other non-voice devices on your account. The Three Plan Internet Options also include an Internet Usage Alert service (see below for details). When you avail of an increased or shared internet allowance your existing (default) Price Plan data allowance is replaced on your Price Plan. We have put a value of €5.08 on the default 2GB data allowance in your plan. The allowance and price can be increased as shown below: There is no carryover of unused internet to the next monthly billing cycle. Inclusive internet for Three Plan internet Options is suitable for use while in the Republic of Ireland and EU. It excludes usage while roaming outside of the EU. See See below for details of Three Plan Internet Options.

  • 1.Increasing Price Plan Internet allowances

    When you select a higher internet allowance the amounts below will be added to your default monthly charge:


    Monthly Internet

    Plan 250

    Additional usage per MB

    The Works




    The Ultimate


    + €15.24


  • 2. Sharing your internet

    When you select to share your internet allowance an additional €5.08 charge applies:




    Additional monthly charge



    Additional Usage per MB



    Additional Contract Term

    30 days or 18 months with device purchase

    30 days or 18 months with device purchase

    • Internet Sharing: You can share your internet allowance between one Three Plan voice service and up to 2 other data services (such as Three Mobile Broadband) on the same account. You cannot share your allowance between two or more voice services. All services must be on the same account. If you cancel your Three Plan Price Plan then you can use the SIM in your data device at the applicable data sharing rate (which includes the default price plan charge). Additional charges apply if you use your Three Mobile Broadband SIM card for other services. For additional rates see
      PLEASE NOTE: You must complete the Minimum Term on your existing services if you wish to avail of shared internet. A Minimum Term of 30 days or 18 months applies to the shared data service. The 18 month Minimum Term applies with device purchases (e.g. if you purchase a broadband dongle then the 18 month term will apply). This 18 month Minimum Term is separate to your Three Plan Minimum Term and if you cancel the service you will be required to pay Three the monthly internet Sharing subscription charge which applies to the internet Sharing option chosen by you, multiplied by the number of months (including any part months) that are left on the Minimum Term.
    • 3. Internet Usage Alerts

      To help you control your monthly internet spend Three will text you when your monthly allowance is used or the data allowance in your once off add on is used.

    • By default, a maximum of 3 alerts will be provided throughout your billing cycle. When you purchase an additional internet increase you will receive further alert (within your bill cycle) if the increase allowance is used

    • The Three Plan internet usage alert service is for domestic and EU data usage only. Roaming usage outside the EU is not included.

    • Three Plan Price Plans internet Alerts are included as a default option which you can deactivate/reactivate online through My Account, the My Account App or the mobile internet pages if required. When Alerts are deactivated or activated this takes effect immediately.

    • Please note that Internet Usage Alerts are a standard feature with Three Plan Price Plans and if you change price plan you will be automatically opted back into Alerts at the start of the next bill cycle.

    • If you change your recurring monthly allowance or if you have only recently signed up to your plan, your internet usage alerts will only take effect from your next bill period.

    • We will use reasonable efforts to deliver Internet Usage Alerts in a timely manner however the alerts(which can be in usage or monetary terms) are approximate indications of your usage& spend and due to processing times of recent account activity some usage may be excluded at time of notification. Three will not be responsible if, for any reason, we are unable to send an Alert, an Alert is delayed or you do not receive an Alert.

  • It is important to Three that all eligible customers are able to access our services and usage of unlimited calls or texts to Three numbers on the Three Plan 250 Price Plan must be reasonable and fair. If, having considered the average high usage of calls and texts by customers, Three is of the reasonable opinion that your usage of the services is excessive, then Three may contact you to advise you that your usage breaches the fair use policy and request that you alter your use of the Three services. If the excessive usage continues to exceed the threshold after we contact you and discuss your excessive use of the Three services, Three can (at its discretion): (i) impose further charges, or (ii) transfer you to a different Price Plan which does not include unlimited texts or calls, or

    (iii) suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Three services or (iv) terminate your access to the Three services.

    The Three service must not be used under any circumstances (i) with any SIM gateways,

    GSM gateways or any similar device that is use to route (or re-route) voice, text or other service on, from or to the network, or which diverts / transfers calls to multiple mobile numbers or (ii) with any device for the purpose of sending or receiving large volumes of text messages, or (iii) to provide any telecommunications services to any third party whether by way of trade or otherwise, or (iv) in any other manner that adversely impacts the network for other Three customers. Three reserves the right to terminate your access to the network without notice where it appears to Three that you are using, or have used, the Three services in this or in any related manner.

    Amendments to Price Plans and Price Plan Rules

    The Price Plans and Price Plan Rules may be varied or amended by Three for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason.

    Effective Date: May 2017