30 day EU Roaming Voice and Text Bundles

These Rules are in addition to the General Terms for Services and any other terms provided to you as part of the authorisation process completed by you to approve registration and provision of Services. Your agreement may be provided directly, in writing or recorded during a telephone or online sales process.

The voice and text 30 day EU bundle pricing and allowance details are published on www.three.ie. Your bundle allowance lasts for 30 daysor until your allowance is used (whichever is first).

A once off 30 day bundle charge applies and additional usage outside your bundle is charged at standard roaming rates for the tariff that you are on.

Bundle allowances apply to calls made and texts sent to mobiles and landlines in Ireland and other EU countries. Calls received are charged at standard roaming rates for the tariff that you are on. All other EU roaming usage such as calls/texts to international mobiles and landlines outside the EU, premium rate usage, data usage, directory enquiries, MMS and all other usage types (for example non-geographic calls) are charged on the Price Plans. All roaming outside the EU is charged.

There is no carryover of unused allowances. When your bundle expires you will need to purchase an additional bundle. If you request multiple bundles these will be activated from the requested date and will expire 30 days from that date.See www.three.ie for up to date roaming rates. Three will endeavour to ensure all roaming records are captured at time of billing however there is a dependency on third parties to provide roaming usage details in a timely manner.

The Rules for the Add-On may be varied or amended by Three for any reasonable commercial technical or operational reason.

Effective Date July 2013 (Amended March 2015)