FlexiFix Price Plans Terms and Conditions

  • The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to Three’s FlexiFix price plan (the “Plan”) and are in addition to and form part of the terms of the Three Services that are contained in the Small Print (provided with your SIM card and also available at www.three.ie) and the applicable Price Plan set out in the Price Guide (see www.three.ie/shop/phone-plans/). In the event of any conflict, these Terms shall prevail. Capitalised terms in these Terms have the same meaning as used in the Glossary of Terms contained in the Small Print, unless specifically defined in these Terms.
  • The Plan is subject to the Minimum Term selected and agreed by you.
  • Subject to these additional Terms, your use of the Three Services is governed by the terms and conditions set out in the Small Print, and in particular those that apply to Bill Pay Customers.
  • It is a condition of making Three Services available to you under the Plan, that you set up and maintain a direct debit with your financial institution to pay the monthly recurring fixed charges (“Fixed Charge”) (see www.three.ie/shop/phone-plans/). In the event that you cancel your direct debit, or payment of the Fixed Charge by the direct debit is rejected by your financial institution, then Three may suspend your access to the three Services, even where you have top-up credit on your account at that time in excess of the unpaid Fixed Charges.
  • Where your direct debit is cancelled by you or if the direct debit is repeatedly declined by your financial institution, we may terminate your access to Three Service. You will then be responsible for payment to us of a Cancellation Fee, and any top-up credit contained on your account will be forfeited and may not be used to set off any liability to us for the Cancellation Fee.
  • Full details of the Three Services that may be accessed and paid for using the Fixed Charge and those other Three Services that may be accessed using your pre-paid credit, and the applicable rates for these Three Services depending on which method is used to pay, are set out in Price Plan (see www.three.ie/shop/phone-plans/).
  • Not all Three Services may be accessed and paid for by means of the Fixed Charges payable under the Plan. Those services that may be accessed and paid for by means of the Fixed Charges include, without limitation, voice, text and in 3G coverage areas only, internet browsing in the Republic of Ireland. You may only use your mobile phone for internet surfing on this Plan in 3G coverage areas.
  • Other Three Services may only be accessed where these are paid for using the top-up credit purchased by you. These Three Services include, without limitation, access to premium rate services, downloaded content, international roaming, International calls, texts and messages. If you do not have any or sufficient top-up credit, you will not be able to access all of the Three Services and you will be limited to those Three Services that may be paid for out of the Fixed Charges of the Plan.
  • Where your use of those Three Services that may be paid for by means of the Fixed Charge exceeds the amount of the Fixed Charges paid by you in any billing cycle, then all further uses of the Three Services in that billing cycle are payable out of your pre-paid credit at the rates applicable to such payment method (see www.three.ie/shop/phone-plans/).
  • Three FlexiFix free text messages are subject to a Fair usage policy. Three have developed a threshold by reference to average high text users and estimated usage. The threshold is regularly reviewed against average high users and is currently set at 3000 text messages every 30 day period. You will be contacted by Three if your usage exceeds our Fair usage policy. Three reserves the right to charge customers who persist in using the service where such usage has been deemed excessive or to suspend, at its absolute discretion, modify or restrict your use of the service or to withdraw your access to the Offer.

Internet Access

Three currently filters sites of an adult nature, Billpay and FlexiFix customers can opt-out of filtering by calling 1913.