Child Safety and Mobile Phones
Three is committed to creating an environment in which children can use their mobile phones safely. We also provide advice to parents on how to keep their children safe while using our products and services.

We abide by the principles of the Irish Cellular Industry Code of Practice on the responsible and secure use of mobile services. The Code establishes the standards which mobile operators will adhere to on the issues of parental controls for minors' access to mobile services, malicious or offensive person to person communications, spam, internet access, premium rate services and access controls for content services.

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Three is a signatory to the European Framework for Safer Mobile use by younger teenagers and children. The Framework is a self-regulatory initiative of the mobile industry. Its aim is to ensure that younger teenagers and children can safely access content on their mobile devices and that, at a minimum, operators provide blocking or filtering of internet access.

Mobile Phones
A Parent’s Guide to Safe and Sensible Use

We’ve created this guide to help parents understand the ever-changing services available on mobile phones and give advice on some key safety tips that will encourage responsible and secure use by their children.

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Three is a member of the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI). ISPAI run the service, an anonymous facility for the public to report suspected illegal content encountered on the internet, in a secure and confidential way.

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Internet Access Controls

Using a mobile phone is part of daily life for all age groups, particularly young people. Surfing the web, downloading, texting and social networking are part of their everyday lives. To help young people enjoy these services safely, we’ve taken the following steps and provide some useful tips for parents.

At Three, we are committed to creating an environment in which children can use their handsets freely without accessing inappropriate web content. Subsequently we provide internet filters to limit access to material that may not be suitable for children.

These filters are automatically applied for pre-pay customers. You can opt-out of filtering by verifying your age within store or by contacting customer services using the following forms of valid ID, Passport, Drivers Licence or EU Identity Card.

As postpay customers are 18 and over, this filter is not automatically applied but postpay customers can opt-in for this service by contacting customer care.

Also if your child has a Smartphone you can activate parental controls or restrictions on the actual handset.

Nuisance Calls and texts
Bullying and Malicious Communications.

Regrettably, mobile phones afford senders of bullying or malicious communications ways of harassing a person even when they are no longer within sight. This can take the form of offensive phone calls, texts, images or video.

What you should do
  • Be careful about who you give or lend your mobile to and who you give your phone number to.
  • If you receive abusive messages or calls, keep a record of the times and dates, save the message to your mobile phone and always tell a parent or teacher.
  • Always tell someone you trust what's happening e.g. your parent or teacher - they may want to contact the Gardaí.
  • Do not reply to abusive or rude text, picture or video.
  • Do not forward any such messages as they could be assisting a bully or breaking the law.
  • If you are being bullied or harassed you can request us to change your number for free. To do so please contact our helpdesk to request a number change for your account.
Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection - the ability to automatically reject a call from someone that has withheld his/her CLI (Caller Line Identification).

A number of third party handset applications are available to facilitate anonymous call rejection (ACR). In order to avail of these applications, a customer needs to download the application and personalise their settings. Depending on your type of handset, you can visit the manufacturer "app-store" to find these applications.

Visit Google Marketplace (for Android)

Visit iTunes Appstore (for iPhone)

Premium Rate Services

Premium rate service providers send information to mobiles by text such as celebrity gossip or football scores. Usually you have to subscribe and pay a premium rate to avail of this service – but they don’t always make that clear. Luckily services like these are very easy to cancel. You should reply with the word ‘STOP’ back to the sender. It is also advisable to report any unsolicited text messages to ComReg and the Data Protection Commissioner.