Instant internet access with 3WiFi

Fast, secure WiFi for better customer retention.

Why 3Wifi?
Free public Wifi

Wifi access for all users, even non-Three Ireland customers.

One-time registration

Simple & clean once-off registration process, no recurring sign in required. Automatically connect to any 3Wifi venue thereafter.

Fully managed service

Designed, installed & managed by Three Ireland.

Fully monitored solution

24/7 network monitoring to ensure consistent performance.

Bespoke design

Fully customised landing page, featuring your logo.

Safe Internet browsing

Ever-evolving security & content filtering that guarantees a protected user experience.


Benefits of 3Wifi

  • Grow your brand using a fully customised landing page with branded messages, including news, achievements & promotions.
  • Expand your customer base with an untapped community of users already registered with 3Wifi.
  • Understand your business better using data from our 3Wifi insights portal. Learn how to further attract, understand & interact with your customers.
  • Develop your customer experience with reliable Wifi. Encourage happier customers to stay longer and experience more of what you have to offer.
  • Increase customer retention with our excellent & secure Wifi experience, satisfied customers will return time & time again.




Case Study


McDonalds provides customers with fast, easy wifi.


Success Story

"Wifi is not just important for connecting to email, but for the many ways people connect to the outside world…so if we are going to offer Wifi as part of the McDonalds customer experience, it has to meet that expectation in every restaurant."

Neil Wall Head of IT, McDonald’s Ireland

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