Utilise mobile journey data insights for data driven business decisions.




Timing and accuracy are vital in understanding crowd movement behaviour and using it in critical decision making.

Three Ireland, in partnership with CK Delta, use only the most advanced AI and machine learning specifically developed for transport analysis. This provides the most accurate, reliable, and timely mobility intelligence, based on anonymous aggregated mobile network data.

As a result, our on-demand subscription transport and mobility intelligence services have everything needed to plan, market and improve your transport network, infrastructure and tourism operations. They’re also ideal for transport operators, network planners, public sector bodies, municipalities, and electric vehicle provision planners.


Key Insights

  • Explore months of data history
  • Understand changing travel patterns to the week, day and hour
  • Explore how people travel within geographic corridors
  • Filter for journeys from, to, between and within areas
  • Separate journeys by mode of transport
  • Select journeys by distance travelled
  • View top flows, origins and destinations
  • Show differing travel patterns between locals and overseas tourists

Designing and operating transport networks and future mobility solutions? Start by understanding how and why people really move.



What are
the Benefits?
Network Optimisation

Analyse long and short distance journeys. Understand popular routes. Detect and define mode of transport used.

Demand Planning

Monitor demand during time periods with reliable AI and machine learning algorithms. Compare weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Region Specific Planning

Customise geography of interest and corridor selection. Customise maps into relevant geographic areas. Understand population demographics.

Accessible Reporting for Decision Making

Review the latest insights, updated daily. Exportable results mean more affordable report and subscription options. Reports available within minutes.