13 October 2022

3Connect: The Perfect Alternative to Vodafone One Net Express
BY Three Business Blog Team

If you’re a Vodafone Business customer using One Net Express, you were likely contacted by Vodafone in recent months. This was to inform you they are retiring their One Net Express service. That means you need to find a new service. Three offers 3Connect which is a fantastic alternative for One Net Express customers.

What is 3Connect?

3Connect is the ultimate communications platform for small and medium business in Ireland. The service lets you manage and route both landline and mobile numbers through a central system. Have calls to your office appear on mobile. Have calls from your employees’ mobiles appear on customer phones as a call from your office.

This is great for businesses based in an office but also with people working on the road.

From a Funeral Director in Waterford to a school in Donegal, 3Connect has made flexible working possible for the businesses of Ireland.

3Connect vs One Net Express

Both Vodafone’s One Net Express and Three’s 3Connect have been designed to help businesses work smarter. One of the biggest benefits of 3Connect is that it is a VoIP system. One Net Express was dependent on a SIM card and does not offer a desktop or phone app. Vodafone’s One Net Express only allowed for an computer-generated voice. Another nice feature we offer too is the ability to record your own menu messaging.

Here’s a full overview of the 3Connect features:



Virtual Receptionist

Hunt Group Call Distribution

Custom call routing (Inbound)

Custom call routing (Outbound)

Softphone App (Mobile)

Softphone App (Desktop)

Operator Console

Phone Management

Video Conference Calling

Microsoft Teams Phone

Minimum Contract


Other Benefits of 3Connect

3Connect is a modern product. That means you get modern benefits. Here are some of the most popular features our customers love.

Modern and Secure VoIP Telephony Solution

Using the latest VoIP technology, we designed 3Connect with the business owners of Ireland in mind. Our system is fully secure and even integrates with Microsoft Teams. Now, whether your employees are on a landline, mobile phone or dialing into Teams, they can all work seamlessly together.

3Connect Portal

Staying on top of your account management couldn’t be easier thanks to the 3Connect Portal. Once logged in, you can review and edit key aspects of your account online. From the basic details of your account to the hold music played to your customers, the 3Connect Portal puts control of everything into your hands.

3Connect App

No longer will your telephony system be tied to rigid solutions. With 3Connect, you simply download the 3Connect app and get users set up. Once that’s done you can route numbers from your office to your mobile. This is great for ensuring your customers can always reach you when they need you.

Hunt Group Call Distribution

The 3Connect Hunt Group feature ensure a call from your customer will always be answered. Distribute inbound calls to your business to several mobile numbers of your staff on-the-go.

Cost Effective Easy User Management

The 3Connect online portal lets you easily manage users. You can scale up or down as your business need dictate. You only pay for what your business needs are at a given time. This means you can keep your business opex lean thanks to 3Connect’s flexible options.

Because 3Connect is also cloud-based, you also save online rentals. You don’t need a PSTN/ISDN line in order to enjoy our VoIP business telephony solution.

3Connect Business Support

We developed this solution to make your business run more smoothly and more cost-efficient. Our mission is to keep you and your business going through thick and thin.

Get 3Connect Today For Your Business

It’s frustrating when a product leaves the market that your business relies on. We’re grateful to be able to offer you and your business and excellent modern solution that will grow with your business needs.

Speak to Three today and get a quote for 3Connect to fit your business.