Business Direct Handset Repair Form

Let’s get started. Complete this form and press submit.

After you complete and submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print out the confirmation email and place it with the faulty handset in a padded envelope and leave it at your premise’s reception to be collected.

If your request is received before 3.30pm, this will be collected the next working day.

Contact Details

Email and phone number for the best person to contact.

Company Address

Phone will be collected from this address.

Handset Information

Dial *#06# on dialpad or found under the battery, on the back of the phone or on the SIM tray - 15 digits
Only reported faults will be repaired.
Are you sending an iPhone?
If so, please complete the following steps:
1. Deactivate ‘Find my iPhone’.
2. Remove your account from the device. You can do this by logging out of iTunes on the device and then resetting the device; or online at, where you can remove the device from your account. For security, Apple will not proceed unless this step is completed by the owner of the device.
Have you backed up your data?
A software update will be performed which will wipe all data from your device.
Have you removed all passcodes from the device?
Please remove your personal passcode in settings on your device.
Have you removed your SIM and any memory cards in the device?
Warning: DO NOT send your SIM or memory card as it will be destroyed for data protection and security reasons.