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Why our Broadband is better

Three Home Broadband provides superfast speeds in more places than ever with over 90% 5G coverage. Experience fast speeds that allow the whole family to upload photos, stream blockbuster movies and play their favourite game consoles.


Three Broadband Router
Plug and Play

Designed for instant connectivity, with our hassle free setup - no waiting, just plug in and connect.

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Great for Gaming

Stay ahead of every game with our broadband. Say goodbye to lag and hello to broadband that levels up with you.

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Seamless Streaming

Cliffhangers are for TV shows, not for your internet connection. Enhance movie nights with our truly unlimited broadband.

Want to know what broadband speeds you’re getting?

Use our speed test to put your connection to the test.


Check your broadband speed

Try our speed test tool to discover the power of your broadband connection. Our superfast 5G broadband delivers speeds up to 500Mbps and truly unlimited downloads, making it the perfect choice for streamers, gamers, and families who want the best.

We offer two types of broadband installation

Get a better understanding of how to install broadband yourself or with an engineer.

Plug in and Go
Check out our self install broadband
Installed by experts
Learn about our engineer installed broadband