02 March 2022

Feel Good In 2022: Apps and Gadgets for A Happier You
4 minutes BY The Three Team

To help you feel good about yourself in 2022, we’ve put together a handy guide with our favourite apps, gadgets and more. 

Relieve Anxiety with CBT and the Mindshift App

If you find yourself being stalled by anxiety during your day, try Mindshift. This completely free app offers evidence-based anxiety relief. The app is built upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The app helps you learn how to relax and develop more effective ways of thinking. The app is designed to help relieve worry, panic, perfectionism, social anxiety, and even phobias.

Keep Appy

Keep Appy is a fantastic app created by a team here in Ireland. The creators describe the app as being “your mental health gym”. Many get so distracted by physical wellbeing that they forget about mental wellbeing.

It’s ok to admit you’re not sure how to look after your mental health. For many, it’s something new they’re trying to look out for. Keep Appy can help you on this journey. The app offers 10 psychologist approved features that act as your toolkit to work towards improved mental health and wellbeing. Features include daily vital tracking, journaling, goal setting and a gratitude diary, period tracking and access to helplines among others.

The app has some free and premium subscription features but also operates on a 1-for-1 model. This means when you buy your subscription, the app creators donate access to someone who needs it.

Meditation With Headspace

Headspace is arguably the best-known app out there for your wellbeing. The app focuses on meditation and empowers other moments of mindfulness in your day. It’s easier than ever to get totally lost in the fast pace of the world we live in. Headspace is all about taking a few moments to slow down and regain control.

The app offers you access to meditation tracks. These are great for handling stress and increasing mindfulness. They even give you sleep casts to help you improve the quality of your night-time recharge.

It’s a premium app with a free trial but you’ll also find Headspace on YouTube and Netflix.

Massage Guns by Therabody

Getting back to the gym or going for a run can help you feel good. That said, you might know the familiar feeling of aching muscles after a tough workout too.

Who doesn’t love going for a massage, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to fit into a busy day. This is why home massage guns have become very popular. Theragun by Therabody is one of the best-known massage gun brands in the world. The great news is you can now buy these from Three, both in-store and online. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is a quiet but powerful massage gun. It has been scientifically calibrated to go 60% deeper into your muscles. Simply put, this means it offers greater therapeutic benefits for your body. With this in hand, you can ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster. Best of all, this is now possible from the comfort of your own home.

Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini offers similar relief but is a smaller design. This is great for carrying a massage gun with you when you travel or even keeping it in your gym bag.

Blendjet 2

Smoothies are a great and very tasty way to reach your daily nutrient intake goals. If you find you’re struggling to reach those goals daily because you’re on the go, the Blendjet 2 might help you feel better.

The Blendjet 2 is a portable, battery-powered blender. That means you can go on a hike with some fresh fruit in your bag and make a smoothie. Or if it’s more your style, sitting on a bench in the gym or in your car somewhere.

The important thing is that this battery-powered smoothie maker lets you make smooth and nutritious shakes on the go for a healthier, happier, you.

When you’re done, just add soap and water, hit the blend button and rinse out the blender to clean it. It’s then rechargeable using a USB-C cable. Nice and simple!

Make Espresso at Home And on-the-go

Are you a fan of coffee but find yourself missing those lovely lattes now because you’re sitting at home more? Inject some premium coffee into your day with this excellent little gadget.

The Minispresso GR is a handheld espresso maker. This little gadget is a great alternative to an espresso machine at home. It’s also a nifty little thing to carry with you on the go. Imagine you’re in a hotel room, craving a lovely home-made coffee.

The Minispresso lets you make coffee here and in many other places too. You could even bring a flask of hot water on a hike and make an espresso on a mountain! It’s also great to bring when visiting friends or family who don’t like coffee or have a fancy coffee machine.

To make glorious coffee on-the-go, all you’ll need is this Wacaco Minispresso, some ground coffee beans and about 70ml of hot water. Now, you can enjoy gorgeous coffee no matter where you find yourself and give yourself a little happy boost.

You can now buy a whole range of new products like these ones from Three. We do more than just phones. Check out our full range of products, curated to help you feel good, in our Lifestyle Store online and Three stores nationwide.

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