16 March 2023

Why is Everyone Buying This SIM Only Deal?
4 Minutes BY The Three Team

There are a few reasons you might have found this page today. For example, you might be someone with a trusty phone, in no need of upgrade, looking for a better monthly plan. If you’re looking for one of Ireland’s best SIM Only deals, well, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve got everything you need to know about moving to SIM Only and one of the best deals in Ireland.

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What is SIM Only?

SIM Only is where you get a SIM-card and a plan from a network, without a mobile phone bundled into the equation. We know you have a lot of choice and plenty to compare when it comes to changing phone. It’s important to remember that not getting a new phone at all is also a choice you have option in the choice you make. 

Benefits of SIM Only 

SIM Only has become a very popular option in recently years. Maybe you’ve got the iPhone 11 and are looking at the iPhone 14. In days gone by, you might have upgraded, but today we all need to make our money go as far as possible. That might mean you need to hold onto that iPhone 11 for a year longer than you would have before.

The good news is that phone quality is at an all-time high and phone technology isn’t developing at quite the rapid rate it was a few years ago. All of this means that a little bit more time in between upgrades doesn’t mean you get left behind in terms of technology.

Thanks to SIM Only, it also means you don’t have to get left behind in terms of monthly value.

When you find a great value bill pay SIM Only deal, you’re getting the best of both worlds. These plans often offer the same calls, text, data, and roaming allowances as the most expensive plans a network offers. But with the price of the phone stripped out, it can get very appetising.

Better still, if you wait for a particularly impressive SIM Only deal, you can save a small fortune. Given how things are pretty tight right now, we’ve created an eye-catching SIM Only offer available to everyone in Ireland. 

Three’s Bill Pay SIM Only Deal

We have a very exciting SIM Only deal available to everyone shopping around for SIM Only offers right now. Normally, we offer a €35 bill pay SIM Only plan on a 30-day rolling contract. For this, you’ll get our famous All You Can Eat Data, Unlimited calls and texts, 60 international minutes and texts and 5G included for free along with 32GB of EU roaming data.

Note, the unlimited calls, and texts are subject to a fair usage policy of 3000 minutes in the Republic of Ireland and 3000 texts, but you’d be doing really well to get through that much! All You Can Eat Data is similar. It’s more or less unlimited data. You can check out the full terms too.

Right now, you can get this same SIM Only plan on a new 12-month contract and save 50% on the first 6 months. You’ll still get All You Can Eat Data, Unlimited calls and texts, 60 international minutes and texts, 5G included for free and 32GB of EU roaming data, but for just €17.50 per month for the first 6 months.

The plan then returns to €35 per month. The big difference here’s that by committing to the plan for 12 months, in the first year you spend just €315 on your base phone plan instead of €420. That’s a massive saving of €105 in the first year.

There are lots of other reasons to be excited about joining Three too.

Extra Benefits of Grabbing Three’s SIM Only Deal

While those first few months with a half price bill are pretty sweet, there are lots of other great reasons to be exited about joining Three Bill Pay.


Ok. You were happy with that iPhone 11 and you signed up for the 12-month SIM Only deal. Now you’ve gotten through most of the 12-months but lost your phone, it’s been broken or you’re just tired of it. No problem at all! After ten months on the 12-month SIM Only plan, you can upgrade just like any other Three Bill Pay customer.

Once your bills have all been paid up, you can log into My3 and start the process of getting your new phone immediately.


We’re massively proud of our loyalty program, 3Plus. Every month, 3Plus is updated with the latest and greatest offers and deals across the country. You can get anything from discounts on coffees to early access to gigs in the 3Arena. This is available for all Three customers and we know you’ll love it.


A really handy feature, particularly on Three Bill Pay, is 3Pay. 3Pay lets you pay for apps and services using your Three prepay credit or by adding them to your bill. That means if you’re a Three Bill Pay customer you can add things like YouTube Premium to your bill (at an extra cost of course) instead of entering your credit of debit card number.

There’s plenty more you’ll love about Three, but we think that’s enough to convince you. Don’t forget to check out our latest SIM Only deal and get our 12-month SIM Only offer today for just €17.50 per month for the first 6 months.

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