3Extra Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited of 28-29 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 (“Three” or “we”), as the data controller of your personal data, processes any personal data provided by or about you when you use the 3Extra Service.

When you register for and use the 3Extra Service your information will be treated in accordance with Three’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which can be viewed at www.three.ie/privacy-policy/ and www.three.ie/cookie-policy/. Along with those policies, the following additional information is also applicable to the 3Extra Service:

  1. Information we collect and process: When you register for and use the 3Extra Service we, our group companies and any third parties engaged by us to help us to provide you with the 3Extra Service will process and use the following data and information:
    1. your registration details;
    2. information relating to how and when you use our telecommunications network when you make and receive communications and send and receive messages;
    3. information on the device you use;
    4. information relating to how you use the 3Extra Service;
    5. information about the geographic location of your mobile device (i.e. your network location data).
  2. Purpose: For as long as you are registered for the 3Extra Service we and our group companies will use, analyse and otherwise process this data and information for the following purposes:
    1. Contacting you via SMS, MMS, email, phone and post to deliver the 3Extra Service.
    2. Determining the most relevant marketing messages to send you about third party offers.
    3. Better understanding your 3Extra Service usage habits and improving our services.
    4. Providing you with information and updates about the 3Extra Service.
    5. Providing customer services in relation to the 3Extra Service.
  3. Location data: We use information about the geographic location of your mobile device (i.e. your location data) to better understand your interests. For example, information indicating your approximate geographic location while making or receiving a call can be used to indicate whether you have visited music or sporting events. In addition, certain messages we send to you as part of the 3Extra Service may be location specific i.e. we will use your device’s real-time location in order to send you a tailored message. This information will be processed for so long as is required to provide you with the 3Extra Service. Your location data is not made available to third parties.
  4. Mobile phone behavioural usage data: We process information on how and when you use your mobile phone (i.e. behavioural data) in order to provide the 3Extra Service to you. For example, this may include the usage levels of your registered services, including average monthly usage of service, frequently called numbers or frequently browsed websites on your device. This information will be processed for so long as is required to provide you with the 3Extra Service.
  5. Disclosure of your information: We may share your personal information with our group companies and with third parties who assist us in providing the 3Extra Service, some of which may be based outside of the European Economic Area. Where this happens the disclosure of data will be under appropriate standards required by law and for the specific purposes outlined in the Three privacy policy. As with all data you provide to Three we may also disclose your information for the prevention and detection of crime and to protect the interests of Three and other users or if required to do so by law.
  6. Opt out: You may at any time opt out of 3Extra Services free of charge by sending "STOP" to 50407 via SMS. It can take up to one week to opt out of 3Extra from the time you send the SMS. You will receive a text message to confirm when your request to opt out has been processed. Where you opt out of the 3Extra Service you will still be opted in to receive other marketing messages from Three based on your marketing preferences and membership of other programmes.