Three Prepay €10 bonus for 12-month Bonus Credit Port in

The following Terms and Conditions for the €10 for 12 months Bonus Credit Promotion are in addition to the General Terms for the Smallprint Terms of service for Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited (“Three”).

Your right to avail of the Promotion (eligibility) is exclusively subject to you porting your number to Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited (“Three”) from another service provider and purchasing a Three Prepay SIM with €20 credit included between 17th December 2018 and 31st March 2019 (“Promotion Period”).

The Promotion is only available in Three stores, on and Carphone Warehouse stores.

The Promotion may only be used in respect of the qualifying mobile number ported into Three, under this Promotion you will receive a monthly bonus credit of €10 (“Bonus Credit”) for a maximum of 12 months, 1st incentive to be applied by the end of the first week of the month immediately succeeding the port in of your number, and other 11 incentives first week of each following month, subject to you not moving service provider (whether porting your number or not) during the Promotion Period. In the unlikely event of service issues being experienced your Bonus Credit may be applied later than the advised period.

In availing of this promotion customers are not entitled to any separate Bonus Call Credit promotion.

Bonus Credit will not satisfy minimum top up requirements for other offers. No other porting customers will receive bonus credit.

You will start to use your Bonus Credit once it is allocated to your balance and you will continue to use your Bonus Credit when you use Three services.

Bonus Credit will expire as it is used but if it is not used it will be expired for Three Ireland(Hutchison) Limited customers 30 days after the date it is allocated to you.

Your existing Top Up balance or any further Top Ups will not be used again until your Bonus Credit is all used or, the 30-day period expires.

You must be a Three Prepay customer both at the time you port your number in and the time the Bonus Credit is applied to you and you must remain a Three prepay customer to receive Bonus Credit However if you move from Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited to Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited or vice versa between the time when you apply an Eligible Top up and your Bonus credit is applied, you will not be eligible to receive Bonus credit.

Three reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions or discontinue this Promotion Offer(or any part of it) for valid commercial technical or operational reasons, subject to reasonable notice being provided. Except as clearly stated in these Terms and Conditions all terms, conditions, warranties and representations (whether written or implied) in relation to the provision of the Promotion are excluded to the fullest extent allowed.