4G and WiFi Calling

Stay connected with quicker calls, better quality

What is 4G
& WiFi Calling?
The next generation of voice calling.

4G calling allows you to connect even faster. 4G calls connect using Three’s 4G network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which were previously used.

WiFi calling allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the Republic of Ireland wherever there is a WiFi network, even if there’s no regular phone signal.

Benefits of 4G & WiFi Calling
Better Call Quality

4G calls are clearer than a standard call. See if you notice the difference on your next call.

Quicker Calls

Calls on the 4G networks connect quicker than standard calls. That means you can connect even faster.

Automatic Switch Call Type

Your phone will automatically switch between 4G calling and WiFi calling to give you the best possible call quality.

Use Phone as Normal

As long as you have 4G coverage or are connected to WiFi, you can use your phone as normal.

How to set up
4G calling and WiFi Calling

To enable Wifi Calling,
Select Settings > then go to Connections > WiFi calling. Make sure WiFi calling is set to On.

To switch on 4G Calling,
Select Settings > then go to Connections > Mobile networks > 4G calling. Make sure WiFi calling is set to On.

You can use WiFi calling without a service on some carriers. If you don’t see this option, it may be because your phone doesn’t support this feature.

Learn more if your phone is 4G calling or WiFi calling enabled here.


Apple: How to set up 4G and Wifi calling

To set up 4G calling for iPhone 8 - iPhone 11
Step 1: Go To - Settings - Mobile Data - Mobile Data Options -
Step 2: Select Voice and Data - 4G toggle on
iPhone series 12 onwards has 4G calling switched on by default
To enable WiFi calling
Step 1: Go to settings - Phone - WiFi Calling
Step 2: Switch on WiFi calling (Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions).
You may need to update your software to enable 4G or WiFi Calling
It might be necessary for emergency services to verify or enter your address.

Learn more if your phone is 4G calling or WiFi calling enabled here.

Roaming with 4G
and WiFi Calling

Global networks upgrading to faster 4G/5G which means 3G connections are being phased out. To help you prepare for this improved service, check 4G calling is setup on your phone before you travel to help you stay connected wherever. All you need is a phone that supports 4G calling in a country that supports this service. ​

Please be aware that WiFi calling is only available in the Republic of Ireland now.

4G calling
for Business

Business customers will be able to experience 4G and WiFi calling in the coming months. If you’re traveling to the USA 2G and 3G voice calling is being phased out and 4G calling will be standard. You can find out more in our FAQs below.


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