Data Roaming
Helping you manage costs.
Travelling abroad

We don't want you to spend more money than you want to when using the internet on your phone while roaming. So to help you manage costs abroad, we'll set a roaming data limit for all our customers of €50 (excl VAT) each month i.e. €61.50 (inc. VAT) per monthly billing period. This data limit doesn't affect the calls you make or texts you send while roaming as long as you've got enough credit!

Getting close to the limit

We let you know by text when you've reached 80% and then 95% of the limit. As you've received one of these messages it means you’re getting very close to your limit for using data. If you don't want to stop using the internet while you're away you'll need to change your limit. Or you can wait until the limit is reset automatically on the date that’s in the warning text alert you’ve just received. If you don\’t want to wait until your automatic reset date and you want to carry on using the internet, you'll need to change your limit with us now or alternatively on receipt of the alert message, follow the steps as advised in the messaging.

How to change your limit now or cancel alerts

You can at any stage raise or reduce your limit from the default €50 (excl VAT). You can also cancel your warning text alerts about your roaming data use. If you do cancel these alerts, it means if you reach your limit, you won’t be able to use the internet until your reset date is reached or you change the limit.

Using the internet on your phone

Call 1913 while in Ireland or call +353 83 333 3330 free from your 3 mobile while you're in an EU country to reset your roaming data limit or to cancel receiving these warning alerts.

Using Mobile Broadband

Visit Support or use Webchat for help. Alternatively, if you have a 3 phone you can call us free on +353 83 333 3330 while roaming within the EU. To see what our rates are go to Roaming [] section.

Terms & Conditions. We're unable to guarantee access to, or coverage on, participating networks while abroad. Three reserves the right to add or remove participating networks and may suspend, amend or withdraw this promotion at any time. We'll try to give you advance warning of any changes although this may not always be possible. So we recommend you check the website before you travel. Enjoy your trip!