Mobile Broadband Plans

Goodbye landlines, wires and connection fees. Hello movies, music, sport and unlimited superfast 4G broadband.

Connect your home to the internet today with the best unlimited mobile broadband deal around. Getting started is easy, just choose from our selection of modems and routers, grab a data SIM and go. Get fantastic broadband service and faster WiFi speeds for you and your family now. It’s also perfect for students living in urban, suburban and rural areas all over Ireland. And with prepay and bill pay options its easier to pay the way you want.

Prepay Broadband Plans

No long contracts, no big commitments, just fast broadband on the go from €5 a day.

  • No strings
  • No bill, top up to use
  • Just plug in and use when you need
  • All this for just €5 a day

Bill Pay Broadband Plans

Light user or data devourer? We’ve great bill pay broadband options to suit your needs.

  • Best value monthly rates
  • No connection fee and simple to setup
  • Never need to top up
  • Get unlimited data for €30 a month