Family Plans.

Stay connected with your family and friends for less.

Introducing Family Plans
Introducing Family Plans.
Welcome to the family.
Reach out to family and friends for less with our flexible Family Plans. Save up to 20% each month with Three.
  • One bill for everyone
  • Discounts start once a second member is added
  • Each member can be added whenever they like and choose their own plan
Family Plans.
Connect and share with everyone you know for less.
Just add a second member to get started – you can have up to six members on one account.

10% discount
For 2 family members.

20% discount
For 3 or more family members.
A lot more for less
A lot more for less.
Three Bill Pay is here with everything you need.
The more users, the better! Our Family Plans are available on selected Bill Pay plans.
  • Up to 20% discount for each person
  • One simple bill for everyone
  • Add members at any time
  • Up to six members on one account
  • Each family member can choose their own plan and allowance
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Start saving.

Family Plans are available to new and current customers. Go in-store or contact our Care team to get started.

Frequently asked questions
Three’s Family Plan helps you connect you with your family and save. Discounts are applied once there are a minimum of two members on the Family Plan. Discounts range from 10% for the first two members. If there are three or more members the discount increases to 20% for all members on the plan up to a maximum of 6.

The following plans are eligible for the Family Plan Discount:

  • 3 Bill Pay 100
  • 3 Billpay 300
  • 3 Billpay Unlimited
  • 3 Bill Pay Unlimited Plus
  • 3 Bill Pay Unlimited SIMO
There is a maximum of 6 members/plans on one family account.
A family plan can be set up in-store or by calling Care. The Family plan can be signed up to by whole family at one time or family plan can 'grow', starting with single member who adds additional members at later date.
A minimum of 2 members is required for Family discount to be applied. Both members will receive a 10% discount on their monthly plan cost. 3 or more members on the one account will receive a 20% discount across all plans. Up to 6 members can be added to any one account.
Everyone is allowed to see usage, billing, upgrade information relating to their own mobile number and account only. The account holder is the only person permitted to see all account & billing information on the family plan account. The account holder can nominate one authorised member who has same permissions as the account holder.
Monthly recurring charge only and excludes out of allowance charges. A minimum of two and a maximum of six members get discount.