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Take control of your cash with 3Money.
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About 3Money
3Money is the safe, secure prepaid Mastercard exclusive to Three customers. Just add money whenever you like to shop online and in stores, pay with a tap or use ATMs. And because you can only spend what you add, you’re in control.
  • Free 3Money card when you add €20.
  • Use online, in stores and at ATMs.
  • Protects against fraud and theft.
  • Use right after sign up.
  • Track your spending.
T&C's apply: Minimum topup of €20 applies .
3Money benefits
Fast, simple shopping is just the start! 3Money puts you in control of everything from saving and spending to holiday cash.
Use in stores and online wherever Mastercard is accepted.
Your money is protected against loss, theft and fraud.
Only use the money you add and see exactly what you spend.
Safer than cash - use abroad just like you would at home with no extra charges.
3Money Pricing
3Money lets you do more for less. Shop on holiday, take out cash overseas and lots more for free.

3Money Pricing

Online Shopping FREE
Chip & Pin - High Street Shopping FREE
Non Euro ATM Withdrawal FREE
Non Euro High Street Shopping FREE
Transfer to other 3Money cards FREE
Saving with Wallets FREE
Card locking and unlocking FREE
Monthly Service Fee €1.25
Top ups From €1 - €4.50
ATM Withdrawal €2
Contactless 1% of transaction value
International Bank Transfer From €5
For full pricing breakdown and T&C's, see www.three.ie/money/fees-and-limits.
3Money App
Keep track of your money at a glance anywhere with the 3Money App.
  • Check your balance.
  • Track your spending.
  • Save money with Wallets.
  • Set when your card can be used.
  • Add money using your debit card.
  • Switch payment on or off.
Where can I use 3Money?
3Money makes life easier on and offline, at home or overseas!
Shopping and beyond
3Money isn’t just for shopping online and in stores. It’s also ideal for paying for services like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify.
Made to travel
Enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your travel cash safe. Shop and use ATMs abroad like you would at home with loss, theft and fraud protection.
Saving made simple
Set money aside for a special something with 3Money Wallets. Wallets let you keep money apart from your main balance for when you need it most.
3Money Sleeve
Protect your card with a free Hack Back Sleeve

The Hack Back sleeve keeps any contactless payment card safe from skimming. It works by blocking the radio frequencies needed to communicate with your card, keeping your balance safe from scammers.

There’s no need for bulky protective cases, just pop your card in the sleeve, then put it in your wallet like usual. Easy!

Get yours free today from any 3Store.

I felt a lot more secure shopping online with 3Money.

3Money saved the day when my wallet got stolen on holiday.

I prefer 3Money to a credit card…it’s easier to keep track of.

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Shop, save and spend your way with 3Money, the secure prepaid Mastercard.
3Money is the safe, secure prepaid Mastercard. Just add money whenever you like to shop online and in stores, pay with a tap or use ATMs. And because you can only spend what you add, you’re in control.
T&C's apply: Minimum topup of €20 applies.
The 3Money Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 900036. Registered Office: Fifth Floor, 302-308 Langham House, Regent Street, London W1B 3AT.