Three Mobile Internet Tariff for Bill pay customers

  • These terms shall apply to bill pay customers accessing Mobile Internet using the standard Three mobile internet access point name settings (APN). Usage through any other access point is rated per MB and a charge of €1.01 for each MB started applies.
  • On the Three Mobile Internet tariff for bill pay customers the charge shall be charged 2.03c per KB of data usage up to a maximum of €1.01 per day, subject to a limit of 50MB of data used ("the Data Usage Tariff"). Usage in excess of 50MB is rated per MB and a charge of €1.01 for each MB started applies.
  • This is the default charging mechanism for Three Billpay (voice) customers using Three Mobile Internet excluding customers who have availed of a data option with a defined rate for additional usage, (either within their price plan or as an Add on), such as Three Evolve price plans, customers with a Data Add On and customers with a Blackberry Add On.
  • These rates are applicable to bill pay usage whilst in the Republic of Ireland and exclude usage while roaming.
  • The Data Usage Tariff applies from midnight (00.00) each day until 23.59 and 59 seconds the same day.
  • To avail of the Data Usage Tariff, your mobile internet session must be completed by 23.59. If your session continues through midnight some of the data used may be included in your following day's usage. Unused data from the daily allowance cannot be carried forward from one day to the next.
  • The Data Usage Tariff applies to users of Mobile Internet on their mobile phone only. The following usage is not permitted; (a) usage in a modem and (b) usage of a mobile phone as a modem. In the event of such prohibited usage, Three reserves the right to impose technical limitations to prevent such usage and/or additional charges.
  • The Data Usage Tariff applies to all Mobile Internet usage, including all data usage associated with downloads, ringtones, games, videos, music tracks and wallpapers.