Three Prepay Lend Me Service Terms

These Terms apply to the Three Lend Me Service and are in addition to the General Terms for Services. By using the Three Lend Me service you agree to be bound by these terms so please read them carefully.

The Three Lend Me service is available to you as aThree prepay customer when you satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • You have no Lend Me repayments or service charges outstanding when you request the Three Lend Me Service; and
  • Your current balance is less than 50c; and
  • You have topped up your mobile service by a minimum of €5 within the last 3 months.

To avail of the service you can free text ‘Lend’ to 50201 and you will receive €2 top up credit on your account. You will receive a text to advise that the credit has been added to your account.

The €2 credit along with a 25c charge for the service will be deducted from your balance when your account is next topped up. Please note that Lend me amounts will be taken from your next top up before any other services are provided. If you are on a Price Plan that deducts your full minimum top up in return for Price Plan benefits then you will need to top up by more than the minimum top up amount to ensure your Price Plan benefits activate.

Three shall be entitled to amend or suspend or discontinue the Three Lend Me service at any time, or amend these terms and conditions without notice for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason.

Effective April 2014 (Amended March 2015)