Business SIM only plan (“the Plan”)

  1. The following terms and conditions of the SIM only plan are in addition to and form part of the terms and conditions relating to the Three terms of service titled “The Small Print”
  2. In the event of any conflict, the terms and conditions of the Plan will prevail.
  3. This Plan is only available to new business customers with a minimum of two subscribers and is not available to consumers.
  4. There is a 12 month minimum term attaching to the Plan.
  5. SIM only customers who wish to terminate their Agreement may do so at any time by giving written notice, which will be effective 30 days after Three receives the request.
  6. The Plan is subject to contract, status, suitability assessment, and payment by direct debit.
  7. No device will be provided by Three as part of the Plan.
  8. The monthly rental is €30 ex VAT.
  9. You will be required to pay the applicable monthly charge for the Plan until the end of this 30 day period.
  10. If your handset is locked to your existing mobile network you are advised to call your existing provider to get an unlock code for your handset, before you can use your existing phone on the Three network.
  11. Your 3 SIM can only be used in 3G handsets. It is your responsibility to ensure the SIM is compatible with the handset intended for use.
  12. Three continuously monitors network performance to ensure that the service received by customers is not impacted through a minority of users placing high demand on network resources (e.g. large bandwidths over long periods). Should your data usage exceed 15GB in a billing cycle and your usage affect other network users, we reserve the right to limit your Service.
  13. The Service is available for use with your Three SIM Card in your handset only. Tethering or use of your handset as, or the SIM in conjunction with, a modem is not allowed. In the event that we identify that you have breached this condition, Three reserves the right to suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Service or to withdraw your access to the Service at its absolute discretion.