Three Business Sharer Price Plan rules
  1. The following terms and conditions of the Business Sharer price plans(the “Plans”) are in addition to and form part of the terms and conditions relating to the Three terms of service titled “The Small Print”.
  2. These Plans are only available to new business customers with a minimum of 3 subscribers and are not available if you are dealing as a consumer.
  3. Your selected Plan includes a per billing cycle Allowance (of minutes/text messages and data to varying amounts). If you exceed any part of your Allowance or you use a service which is not included in your Allowance, you agree to pay additional amounts on top of your monthly recurring charge. These out of Allowance charges are set out at
  4. A 24 month minimum term applies to the Plans. Customers wishing to cancel their subscription to their Plan during the minimum term will be charged a cancellation charge. This charge will be calculated for each individual cancellation by multiplying the number of remaining months in contract by: the subscriber monthly rental charge of €10 per month plus the account monthly rental charge divided by the number of subscribers on the Plan in question. In addition, Three reserves the right to recover any concession, subsidy or credit given to you, the customer, in the form of loyalty credit, free/subsidised hardware or dedicated plan offering.
  5. Business Sharer plans come with the All you Can Eat Data service at no additional charge to your plan monthly recurring charge. The All you Can Eat Data service can be used in the Republic of Ireland only and you may opt out of this service if you wish by calling 1913. For full terms of the All you Can Eat Data service please see
  6. The Plan details are as follows;
    Business Sharer 600Business Sharer 1200Business Sharer 2000Business Sharer 3000Business Sharer 5000Business Sharer 9000Business Sharer 12000
    Account Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC)€ 70€ 130€ 200€ 290€ 450€ 750€ 950
    Additional Individual subscriber (MRC)€ 12€ 12€ 12€ 12€ 12€ 12€ 12
    Minimum Term (Months)24242424242424
    Monthly minutes up to6001200200030005000900012000
    SMS up to1750350058008700145002620035000
    Data roaming EU4GB4GB4GB4GB4GB4GB4GB
    Out of bundle voice rate17.5c per min17.5c per min17.5c per min17.5c per min17.5c per min17.5c per min17.5c per min
    Out of bundle SMS rate6c6c6c6c6c6c6c
    Out of bundle Data rate5c5c5c5c5c5c5c
    Monthly Three to Three calls (ROI to ROI only)3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes3000 on-net minutes

    + All you Can Eat Data Service in ROI

  8. For the avoidance of doubt, the monthly recurring charge for these plans do not apply to the All you Can Eat Data service, which is provided at no additional charge.
  9. Your allowance applies to:

    • Voice calls made to landlines and mobiles within the Republic of Ireland and to UK landlines and mobiles from the Republic of Ireland
    • Calls made while roaming in EU to other EU numbers and back to Republic of Ireland
    • Calls to non-geographic numbers (1800, 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076)
    • Texts sent to Irish mobile numbers and Irish landline numbers while in the Republic of Ireland.
    • Texts sent while roaming in EU to other EU numbers and back to Republic of Ireland

    Your allowance doesn’t include:

    • Calls to voicemail
    • Roaming calls (other than the mentioned above)
    • International calls
    • Calls to premium rate numbers, directory enquiries and all other call types
    • Any other call types
    • Texts to premium rate numbers, directory enquiries numbers
    • MMS (Multimedia messages)
    • International texts
    • Texts sent while roaming outside of the EU
    • Any other texts

  10. These events are charged at rates as set out on our website Customers on this price plan receive an allowance of data for use in the Republic of Ireland and the European Union as set out above. The allowances as per your plan are available for use in Ireland and across the EU but your data usage in Ireland, assuming you have not opted out of the All you Can Eat Data service, will come out of your All you Can Eat Data service first. You should always check your allowances via the IVR on 1913 or My3 before roaming in the EU. You will be alerted to your usage of the allowances and advised when out of bundle rates will apply.

  11. Any usage outside of the Republic of Ireland and EU is charged at rates as set out on our website
  12. TThe authorised account contact who has the authority to act for the business customer acknowledges that the customer is liable to pay all charges incurred on their account including but not limited to out of bundle charges and where an individual subscriber on the account requests an Add-on.
  13. You acknowledge that data speeds vary and depend on factors such as device capabilities, location, coverage and network congestion.
  14. You can only move to another Price Plan within your Minimum Term on such terms as agreed by Three.
  15. Call and text usage will be applied in the following manner:
    1. Three to Three minutes (where applicable with your price Plan)
    2. Purchased Add-ons.
    3. Price plan Allowance.
    4. Out of bundle rates
  16. All calls are charged per  minute, unless otherwise stated.
  17. Where your Plan has an unlimited element this is for use in the Republic of Ireland and EU only, unless otherwise stated and it is subject to a fair usage allowance of 3,000 minutes and/or texts per month.
  18. Three continuously monitors network performance to ensure that the service received by customers is not impacted through a minority of users placing high demand on network resources (e.g. large bandwidths over long periods). Where your All you can eat Data service usage exceeds 60GB in a billing cycle and your usage affect other network users, we reserve the right to limit your service.
  19. Three Services are available for use with your Three SIM Card in an approved handset only. Tethering or use of the Three handset as, or the SIM in conjunction with, a modem is not allowed and may result in your access to Three Services being disabled. You will be liable for a cancellation fee in the event of being disabled.
  20. It is your responsibility to ensure that your SIM is compatible with the handset intended for use. Certain SIM cards may not support 4G. If your handset is not a 4G compatible handset, it will not support 4G access. For further details log onto
  21. You agree not to connect or maintain the connection of any GSM Gateways to the Three Network or otherwise provide telecommunications services to a third party or allow any subscriber to do same.
  22. The Plan cannot be used in conjunction with any device connected to a PBX, such as a mobile line device, mobile gateways and SIM Boxes and Three reserves the right to terminate the Service without notice where it appears to Three that any customer uses, or has used, the Service in this or in any related mobile.