Former ID Mobile customers on €5 monthly recurring charge plan moving to €15 SIMO promotion 2019

These reduced monthly recurring charge (MRC) terms exclusively for former ID customers currently on the €5 MRC (“Former ID customers”) Promotion (“Promotion”) terms are in addition to the Small Print Terms for Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited (“Three”) and the Bill Pay terms on together with any other terms provided to you as part of your application process.

The Promotion is available to Former ID Customers who sign up to 3 Unlimited Flex Max SIM Only. (“Eligible Customers”) between 13thth March 2019 and 31st July 2019.

It is a condition of this Promotion that Eligible Customers agree to pay amounts due to Three by direct debit.

This offer is not available on and is only available via Carphone Warehouse stores, Three stores and the telesales channel.

Eligible Customers signing up to 3 UFM SIM Only

Eligible Customers signing up to 3 Unlimited Flex Max SIM Only will have a monthly recurring charge of €15 (“Discounted MRC”) for twelve months only, commencing from their first bill (“Promotional Period”).

After the expiry of 12 months, the monthly recurring charge applicable to Eligible Customers shall be €30 (“Standard MRC”).

Additional charges on top of either the Discounted MRC or Standard MRC may apply depending on your usage.

Three reserves the right to not to apply the Discounted MRC for either part or whole of the Promotional Period to customers whose account is in arrears.

This Promotion is not available with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

Three reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion either generally or in respect of any particular Customer at any time and to vary or amend any element of the Promotion at any time without further notice. These terms and conditions may be varied or amended by Three for any valid commercial, technical or operational reason.