Three Bill Pay Post Cancellation Notice

Late last year ComReg conducted a review of certain billing practices and the retention of customer credits by Three Ireland. In parallel, Three Ireland had undertaken its own review which had established that since 2016 a number of Three Ireland customers were charged for services beyond their cancellation date, known as post cancellation charges. Essentially any bill sent to customers during the notice period included the monthly recurring charge and this period related, at least in part, to a period beyond the expiry of the notice period.

Three Ireland did not automatically refund customers that paid post cancellation charges or for other credits owing. Instead, our policy was that a credit was applied to the customer’s bill and remained on their account. A customer could contact Three Ireland to reclaim these monies. Three Ireland’s review found that over 173,000 customers were affected by this issue to the value of approximately €2.64 million.

Three Ireland is fully committed to refunding affected customers. If you are one of these customers be assured that Three Ireland will issue you with a full refund to your last known bank account. Three Ireland will aim to refund all customers by September 2022. If you have any further questions you can visit our FAQ’s here.