The Programme

Our graduate programme is looking for people who want to make their careers count. We want positive, ambitious candidates with a knack for collaboration. We want energy, and an eagerness to learn from the top talent in Irish tech and telecoms.


Beginning your journey

Your first week at Three will be all about getting an overview of how we work. You’ll be introduced to life at head office in the heart of Dublin, visit retail stores, and see what makes our Limerick service centre tick. You'll also learn the ins and outs of teamwork on a two-day team building session at a surprise location.



You'll have three eight-month rotations with three talented teams and three managers during the programme (we like doing things in threes). It's a diverse experience, but always links back to your field of study. We're constantly exploring ways of being better connected and we make sure you mix daily deliverables with long running projects around the business to understand this.


#3GRAD gives back

Want to make a difference and bring about real change for people? We'll give you the tools to do that. You and your graduate team will work closely with a charity partner on a project that makes the most of your talents. Three is dedicated to showing a strong, visible commitment to the communities we work in across Ireland and we want you to be a part of that.

You can find out more about Three’s commitment to corporate social responsibility here.


Training and development

We don’t think learning should stop after college. That’s why we’ve put together a training and development plan to make sure you have all the skills you’ll need to excel at Three and beyond. You’ll work on daily tasks in your department as well as challenging projects, all with expert mentoring.



You’ll have regular meetings with a personal mentor from your directorate’s senior management team. Mentors offer insights on your career development, team objectives and goals and the company as a whole.


Your graduate champion

Where’s the printer? What’s a good lunch spot? Can I park nearby? Whatever your question, we’re here to guide you. Your graduate champion will meet with you individually and in groups to hear your feedback, and make sure you’re having a great Three experience.



It's your career. Make it count.

Elevate your career with #3GRAD. Apply online today.