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We’re Ireland’s fastest mobile network according to Ookla®. Now with 99% population coverage, experience it in more places than ever.

Ireland’s fastest mobile network.
It's official. Three is Ireland's fastest mobile network. Just ask Ookla who compared the results of almost half a million tests taken with Speedtest® from every network in the country. And because we are the first for download, upload, and peak (top 10%) speeds, we're the fastest mobile network in Ireland letting you get to stream, work, and play without interruptions.
Why not try it out for yourself? Please note that the results shown will be for your current network, which may not be Three.
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What does being on the fastest mobile network mean for you? It means amazing call quality, unbeatable download and upload speeds wherever you are, the best phones deals and much, much more.

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Frequently asked questions

There’s no easy answer for this we’re afraid. One person’s fast is another’s slow! It’s also important to remember that many things influence a speed test result including the device your using and whether or not you’re using a wire to connect to the internet. If your provider has promised you a speed try to test using a laptop wired to your modem to see how close you are to that advertised speed.

We’ve all gotten pretty good over the past few years but across 4G and 5G mobile internet connections, from the full list of phone companies in Ireland, Three offers the fastest network. This has been verified by Ookla.

Three’s Speed Score™ was tested at 34.27 by Ookla – well ahead of Vodafone at 26.31 and eir at 15.61. This shows that Three has the best overall data performance in download and upload speeds, plus the highest peak speeds for both download and upload.

This speed test will tell you download speed, upload speed, pint and jitter for the internet connection you are currently using. You can use it to test your home broadband connection as well as any 4G network or 5G network. Knowing your internet connection speed is the first step towards improving it!

Just use the speed test on this page! If you’re trying to fix slow Wi-Fi at home make sure you’re on Wi-Fi and not using a cable or your mobile network. If you want to see how your mobile network might compare to Three, make sure you use a phone with the Wi-Fi toggled off.

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Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data Q3–Q4 2022. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

Read the report here.