Check for upgrade

Whether you’ve been looking at the same phone for a long time, it’s broken, lost or you just need a change, check if you’re due an upgrade in 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Log in to My3

Once logged in, click ‘Upgrade Device’ on the Homepage. Using a phone to log in? Tap the three dots beside ‘Top Used Allowances’ and tap ‘Check Upgrade’.

Step 2

Choose upgrade

Choose from the latest devices at the best prices. Also change your plan if you wish, in just a few clicks.

Step 3


Complete your upgrade in minutes. Get your new phone delivered safely and securely to your doorstep.

All you need to know

Wondering what you should know before getting an upgrade? Let’s talk eligibility, offers and more.


Reached 22 paid months of a 24-month contract? Or using a SIM Only plan for over 6 months? You can get an upgrade!

Early upgrades

Are you within the last 2 months of your contract? You could already get a new phone. Check your My3 account for more.

Special offers

We’ve loads of special offers for upgrading customers. Check your My3 account for the best prices.

Free and fast delivery

Get your phone delivered in 1-3 working days depending on when you upgrade. Delivery is secure and 100% free.


Frequently Asked Questions