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Three Business transformed an island.

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Arranmore cliffs and sea
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Transforming an island through connectivity.

Three Business and Arranmore connect with the future.

Arranmore, 5km off the Donegal coast and a world away from the infrastructure needed for modern business. The island is in decline, but its community and Three saw a brighter future – one powered by connectivity and ready to do business with anyone, anywhere.

Our point-to-point wireless leased line is just the first step on this journey. With superfast broadband in their hands, there’s no limit to what islanders can achieve. Together, we’re fuelling tourism, education, healthcare and business across the island.

Aerial Arranmore

An island apart

“Perched on the edge of Ireland and home to more than 500 people, Arranmore’s story reveals a powerful urge to connect.”

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Experience Arranmore and Three’s journey to creating the most connected island in the world.
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We’re transforming an entire island. Imagine what we could do for your business.

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