Mobile Data Management and Security

Monitor, manage, control and protect mobile devices from both a cost and security perspective.

Mobile Data Management and Security (MDMS) from Three is a scalable cloud offering that sits in the path of mobile data (3G/4G), between the device and the internet. You will be able to manage data traffic across devices to help you save on costs and minimise security threats.

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Why choose Mobile Data Management and Security (MDMS) from Three?

Manage costs

Not only understand what’s driving your next data bill, but control it too.

Control access levels

Set intelligent rules on which services users can access based on roles, company policies and mobile data plans.

Data consumption caps and alert

Take control of data usage and set custom caps per SIM. Get alerts when thresholds are reached.

Real-time analytics and notifications

Track and report on data usage in real-time, so you can manage your costs with data caps, blocks and compression. Get proactive service notifications.

Mobile security threat defence

Multi-level protection keeps your mobile fleet safe from threats, vulnerabilities and data leaks. It also reduces the risk of malware and restricts suspicious behaviour.

Custom roaming policies

Set roaming data policies for different groups of users, to make overseas travel for work seamless and affordable.


Whitelist sites and apps that can be accessed after data caps are reached.


Cut data usage by over 10% by compressing data in real-time, in a way that is undetected by the user.