Mobile Application Management

Manage mobile devices at application level, with features like encryption, single sign-on and containerisation (personal and business app separation).

Mobile Application Management (MAM) lets users access the apps they need without compromising security and while reducing the burden on your IT team. Users can work from anywhere, knowing emails, contacts and shared files are protected.

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Why choose Mobile Application Management (MAM) from Three?

Productivity and flexibility

Users can continue their work from anywhere with secure access to company apps, emails and shared files.

Reduced maintenance

MAM gives administrators control over how a user accesses applications, reducing the burden on IT.

Employee satisfaction and better adoption

MAM allows IT to maintain and secure devices without users feeling that IT has control over their device. Personal apps and business apps can co-exist securely. Features like single sign-on improve ease of use and employee adoption, which leads to better return on company investments in mobility management.