3IoT Services

We are here to help you explore the potential of the Internet of Things.

3IoT Services


3IoT Starter Kit

IoT in your hands

It couldn’t be easier to explore the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) than with the 3IoT Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to get hands-on with the technology and start discovering the possibilities.

3IoT Control Centre

With our partner Cisco IoT, Three gives you a centralised portal to manage your entire IoT estate, whether a single SIM or thousands.


Delivering the internet of IoT

Global SIM

By working with Three, you get connectivity no matter where your devices will be deployed. Our global reach means you can move from pilot phase to full rollout with predictable costs.


Our high-speed mobile network is built for large volumes of data. As part of the CK Hutchison Group, Three’s mobile network reaches more than 200 countries. Deploy anywhere through our international connectivity, giving your IoT project instant global scale.

SIM Manufacturers

As part of the CK Hutchison Group, Three works with SIM manufacturers around the world, sourcing the SIM format of choice for your project.

Device Manufacturers

Three can connect you with best-in-class manufacturers and trusted vendors, transforming your idea into a scalable working product, quickly and reliably.

Device Certification

Ensure a smooth path to market by complying with standards, wherever you plan to deploy in the world. We will work with you and our network of partners worldwide to put your devices through any necessary tests to get the required certifications.

Professional Services

Enabling your IoT project to come to life


Three’s IoT team has experience across a range of industry verticals. Open your eyes to the potential.

In-life support

For complete peace of mind, your IoT service quality is managed and monitored from our state-of-the-art Customer Care Centre in Ireland.

Partner framework

Three’s reach into industry makes us your ideal strategic partner. We’re ideally placed with an extensive network of partners to facilitate your innovation journey, and bring your IoT project from the lab to a live environment.


Security that’s built in, not bolted on


In the rush to develop features for an IoT project, security can’t be left behind at the starting gate. Integrate security from the start, and make it automatic.


Don’t let security be a barrier to adoption. Three’s experts can help formulate a security strategy that lets you explore IoT, minimise risks and ensure customer trust.