Three’s Data Analytics

Optimise your business with data-driven decisions

What is
Data Analytics?

Based on anonymised data from the Three mobile network, our Data Analytics provides industry-leading insights into how the world works. Through a variety of easy-to-consume reports, it provides the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date view of all activity. Telecom data is viewed as one of the most trusted and premium data sources available worldwide.

Key Insights:

  • Explore current and historical data.
  • Conduct analysis on site and plan locations for retail, services and advertisement placement.
  • Help your company to understand trends within your target audience.
  • Understand changing travel patterns to the week, day, and even the hour.
  • Traffic and smart city planning for government agencies.
Support Decision Making

Make proactive decisions means identifying opportunities and risks to make smarter investments, leading your business forward with agility and security.

Improve Business Intelligence

Identify specific customer segments, and target your approach to meet the needs of your key segments.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies

Design, control and optimise your business operations to reduce costs, based on accurate insights.

Accelerate and Scale

Increase sales by having a better understanding of the market and demographics.

How it Works?
Internal and external insights

Identify peak traffic and footfall to optimise workforce & staff resources or understand whether your customers are first time visitors or repeat customers.

Real-time information

Optimise your store & advertisement placement by knowing where your customers are from and what areas you need to target with your marketing or Identify shoppers by demographic on an hourly basis.


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