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Frequently asked questions
Learn more about managing 3Connect with these answers to frequently asked questions.
All DDIs (Irish, International and fax numbers) need to be allocated by provisioning team. Please contact our Sales Teams on 1800 200 017 to set up new DDIs.
Device stock and MAC addresses database is managed by the provisioning team. Please contact our support team on 1800 800 002 (Option 2).
Administrators can set up new Hunt Groups/Call Flows. Please refer to video "Creating a Hunt Group".
Administrators can assign a device within the «Users» section. Please see video "Adding a device/mailbox to user".
All users can create a voicemail/mailbox. Please see video "Adding a device/mailbox to user".
A blind call forward can be configured creating a new call flow. Please see video "Call Flows".
In order to access call parking dial the extension linked to «park» application. Please see video "Call park call flow" to set this up.
A call can be picked up from another Panasonic phone by dialling: **extension number. For example, to pick up a call that is ringing on extension 1004, "dial **1004".
Within the «Media» section of the 3Connect portal you can upload the following type of audio files: '.wma', '.flac', '.mp1', '.mp2', '.mp3', '.mp4', '.opus', '.ra'.
The number to dial to access the voicemail services is 171 from a registered device on 3Connect platform.
The number to dial to access the voicemail service is: +353 1 524 2020
No. Only a number allocated on the customer account can be used as CallerID for the user.
No. The user will retrieve their password using their username at the 3Connect portal URL (https://portal.3connect.ie)
Please follow the "Forgot password" process on the 3Connect portal at http://portal.3connect.ie
The numbers to dial to access the conference service from a PSTN line are:
IRL: +353 1 485 3438
IRL VoIP: +353 76 603 2851
US-NY: +1 347 527 7466
US-LA: +1 323 984 7325
UK : +44 203 468 5635
ITALY: +39 066 220 7055
FRANCE: +33 182 883 928
DENMARK: +45 89886347
SPAIN: +34 911 230401
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 147 920
NEW ZEALAND: +64 4 488 0327
JAPAN: +81 345 789 205
Helpful User Guides
Get going with 3Connect. These comprehensive user guides will help you easily set up and manage 3Connect.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Call Conferencing
Call Flow
Call History
Call Parking
Call Flow Designer
Creating and accessing voicemails
Creating an IVR
Music on Hold
Device Functions
Sending and Receiving Faxes
Speed Dials
Time of Day
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Technical Support
1800 800 002 option 2

From abroad: +353 61 203 649

Email: ictsupport@three.ie
(Monday to Friday 08:00 to 20:00)
Billing Support
1800 300 202
From abroad: +353 83 333 3 333
(Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:30)