Three’s cloud-based telephony solution for small-medium businesses.
About 3Connect
The age of flexible communications is here.

3Connect is Three’s cloud-based telephony solution for small-medium businesses. With 3Connect, your business can benefit from the features of Unified Communications (UC) that were previously only attainable by large Enterprises.

With its unique integration into the Three mobile network, 3Connect gives users the flexibility to move seamlessly from desk phone to mobile.

Why Choose 3Connect
With the easy-to-use online portal, you can change the settings yourself in real-time; including call routing, user settings and call flows.
Productivity and Flexibility
3Connect keeps communications seamless and effortless regardless of where employees are and what device they’re working from. Your workforce can work from different branches, customer sites, their homes, their commute, other countries, anywhere! It doesn’t matter if they’re working from a laptop, tablet, mobile, PC or desk-phone, they stay connected.
There’s no large Capex investment required, no initial outlay on expensive hardware and a simple per-user-per-month (Opex) payment model. This means you can start as small as you want. 3Connect easily scales up or down in line with your needs. You can add and remove users and devices as required with your online portal.
Using 3Connect means you don’t have to worry about the location, management and security of the server hardware your communications rely on. The servers are hosted in secured data centres that provide far better security than most companies can achieve in their own server rooms. 3Connect can also use an additional encryption layer (TLS) if required to further secure your communications.
Cost Savings
3Connect means getting rid of your PSTN/ ISDN lines and their expensive rental charges. It means benefiting from low-cost, SIP-based call tariffs. It means an Opex per-user-per-month payment model. It also means that the cost of unnecessary travel is reduced, because your workforce is empowered to work from anywhere. The combined result? Your call costs drop and become more predictable and manageable. As well as that the solution is ‘evergreen’, i.e. upgrades are included, so the solution remains future-proofed and you are protected from unexpected costs.
Customer Experience (CX)
3Connect benefits your organisation, your team and your customers. Improved communications between company and customer help build long-lasting, profitable customer relationships.
All the features you need to dramatically reduce the inconsistency, complexity and cost of managing individual communications systems.
Set-up and admin features
Full control of your phone system no matter where you are.
  • Management and reporting from an easy-to-use online portal
  • Single and multiple site deployment
  • Technical support from a dedicated team
  • On-hold music
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Obtain new numbers
  • Enable homeworking
  • Call recording
  • Company directory integration
  • Emergency services shortcut
Day-to-day user features
An easier, more flexible and more productive work life.
  • Single number reach - work from desk-phone or mobile
  • Conferencing
  • Time of day routing
  • Digital HD voice calls
  • Call diversion (landline to mobile)
  • Call parking
  • Call transfer by extension number
  • Call barring
  • Virtual fax (fax to email)
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3Connect Support
Check out our helpful user guides and videos and get the most out of our 3Connect features.

Customer Success Stories

As we move from fragmented communications to an integrated infrastructure, we see Three’s ability to support our requirements at a local and global level as essential.
Tony O'Halloran, Total Produce.
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