3Communicate is an easy to use bulk SMS service. It’s the ideal way to contact a group of people, e.g. your customers or staff, quickly, cost-effectively and reliably, directly on their mobile phones.

Professional communications are made easy with this self-managed tool. One simple platform allows you to manage contact data and run everything from advertising promotions to service alerts, from appointment reminders to internal communications.

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Why 3Communicate?

Super flexible to suit all organisations

No minimum volumes and no recurring management fees mean 3Communicate is suitable for organisations large and small. Three has SME, corporate, public sector and government customers using 3Communicate.

Web-based portal

Accessible from any internet-connected device and designed with ease of use in mind, so you can use 3Communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Easy data management

3Communicate’s integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function lets you import and easily manage your contact data, with features like contact grouping and filtering.

Quality message routing

3Communicate uses direct connection to carriers to deliver the SMS, ensuring the highest rate of delivery.

Simple and effective SMS integration (API)

Allows easy integration of automated SMS into existing systems using HTTPs encryption.

HTML5 ready

You have the option to add HTML5 content to your messages. This allows you to include mobile landing pages that are linked to in the SMS, for promotions, surveys, payments and more. Form or survey responses are captured in a usable web or .xls format.

Dedicated support

Dedicated 3Communicate account managers are there to answer your queries by phone and email.

Advanced, real-time reporting

Instant information on your sent messages, such as delivery status and whether the link in a message was clicked. Generate reports in real-time with advanced details for campaign analysis.