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How to Log In

3Connect Portal Overview

When you sign up with 3Connect, the Onboarding team will configure your UC Portal account with all users, devices, numbers, and voice mailboxes ready to go. Your log in credentials for the 3Connect UC Portal will be sent to you via email once your account is configured.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the page you will first see when you log in to the portal.

It gives you an overview of the users, contacts, voicemails, devices and calls on your account.


Call Flow Overview

In order to link a device to a number so that the device will ring when that number is called you need to set up a Call Flow. To do so, select the Phone option from the 3Connect UC Portal menu and select Call Flows from the sub menu.

Managing Voicemail

To manage your voicemails, navigate to the Voicemails section by clicking Assets on the main navigation screen. To download your voicemail messages, use the search field on the top of the page to find the voicemail inbox and then click on the Download button.


The 3Connect portal allows you to send a call to a virtual receptionist, also known as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). To do this, navigate to the call flow section via the phone option in the main menu.


Max Concurrency

As IP voice calls are dependent on internet speeds, max concurrency allows the administrators to set the maximum number of inbound and outbound calls that can happen at the same time.

Call Recording

The 3Connect Unified Communications Portal allows users to record and review every call made and received. Find out more about accessing call recordings, downloading call recordings, set-up and more in our video above.

Custom Music On Hold

The 3Connect UC Portal gives you the ability to upload and select audio files to play while your customers are on hold. The Custom Music on Hold features allows you to replace the generic hold music with audio of your choice by upload and select audio files to play while your customers are on hold.


Softclient Overview

The SIP-based 3Connect Softphone Application is the perfect complement to the 3Connect Portal account. The 3Connect App allows users to make and receive calls from their iOS or Android device using their 3Connect account.

Softclient Advanced Configuration

The Softclient app has several features; call recording, contacts, call history, call transfer, call holding, integrated voicemail, muting and speakerphone and multiple call support.This video will cover the recommended settings for iOS and Android users to get the most out of your Softphone.