Q3 Security Systems counts on Three

For reliable Broadband solutions on site

Case Study

Limerick-based Q3 Security Systems has provided turnkey systems like CCTV, intruder alarms, access controls and perimeter protection to high-end commercial and industrial clients since 2012.

Marking Q3’s early success, Limerick Chamber awarded the company ‘Best New Startup’ in the midwest. Now employing 40 people, Q3 has expanded by at least 10 percent every year. 2018 sales are already 34 percent up on the previous year. It has recently won new contracts in the UK, Europe and even Latin America. Its clients come from the education sector, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, venues and select private individual contracts.

Many of the company’s engineers work remotely at customer sites, which makes them reliant on mobile data communications for tablets and smartphones. To speed up the time to solve customer issues, engineers often use the video conferencing app FaceTime to speak with senior engineers at headquarters. They can then guide them with the help of on screen images.

Q3 switched to Three a year and a half ago for faster and more reliable connectivity. Since Three’s network upgrade in Limerick, Sean says mobile broadband performance has improved even more. “We’ve noticed the speed has increased – even though it was always better than anything we’ve had before,” he says. Having high-speed mobile broadband is essential for Q3 as it lets engineers configure security equipment with software upgrades without needing to access the customer’s network. Q3 also uses IP telephony for its communications.

Thanks to Three’s All You Can Eat Data plans, Q3 can focus on doing business as it’s always done. That means engineers are free to make video calls without thinking about limits, and there’s no spike in bills the following month, which is critical for all SMEs.

“We’re using Three to run our business, so the service they provide is absolutely critical. We need this on the road because we cover Ireland, the UK and Europe,” adds Mullally.

The company will soon move to new purpose-built premises in Raheen Business Park. Sean says Three’s coverage is the strongest of any provider in that area – “and we have tested heavily, because our business depends on it.”

“In everything we have, we aim for a very high standard: we have highly trained staff, the best vehicles and equipment for the task at hand. When it comes to our operating IT equipment, we need the best service. It’s no good having equipment if you haven’t got the connections. We depend heavily on Three for our service, and they provide it. I wouldn’t even consider changing.”

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